South-East Asia’s first dedicated HR Tech accelerator launches in Singapore

Singapore 24 Jun 2020: The Workplace Accelerator – –  South East Asia’s first dedicated accelerator to HR Tech start-ups has now opened for applications online. The programme defines HR Tech as companies working on any of 5 key categories that include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Productivity and Collaboration, HR & Admin and Workforce Management. […]

APAC Top 10 HR & Employer Branding Consultant

Interview with Sam Neo, Co-Founder at Stories of Asia & People Mentality Inc

I first met Sam Neo when I was shopping around for guests to participate in my new podcast about HR. We actually had to do the recording twice as the first on-site version was corrupted due to my lousy microphone connection. The next instance was conducted via Skype and it worked pretty well. Here’s the […]

Providing customised learning for hundreds of clients to life capability and culture globally

Interview with James McCulloch, CEO at Inspire Group Asia

My first interaction with e-learning happened in 2012. I was still running a recruitment business and the intent is to keep the recruiters sharp and let them level up themselves. Given that I only know so much, I acquired an e-learning course. Mobile learning wasn’t prevalent then and we only have one user license. Hence […]

Discovering and Developing Data Scientists

Interview with Jackie Tan, Co-Founder at UpLevel

In a tight labour market like Singapore, recruiting is tough. Let alone hiring for roles that are extremely hard to fill. In a survey by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), the executive roles most in demand this year were predicted to be in technology, analytics and cybersecurity. One specific area of […]

Gamified Employee Engagement

Interview with Lam Mun Choong, Founder & CEO at SelfDrvn

Recently I made the reluctant decision to buy a Nintendo Switch for my kids. They never had a console before and I’m afraid they would spend the whole day on gaming and nothing else. But some relief sinks in when I got to see three of them playing co-op in Mario. They were helping and […]

Connecting Employers and Job Seekers in Minutes

Interview with Emmanuel Crouy, CEO & Co-Founder @

I could remember the pain in volume recruitment of frontline staff during my recruitment days. We were tasked by one of the large supermarket chains to find interim staffs to help in the festive promotion of mandarin oranges as Chinese New Year was looming. There were 50 roles to fill island wide and it was […]

7 Paid Sales Automation Tools That’ll Boost Your Revenue

Did you know that 90% of new businesses will fail? Every entrepreneur starts off with the best intent to disrupt the industry, to democratize usage and to change the world. But it still boils down to dollar and cents to keep your business afloat. Ultimately, the website traffic and Facebook likes couldn’t be used to […]

Sales Automation

Why Singapore is a hotbed for HR tech startups

From the traditional record management system to the AI screening chatbot, human resources tech has progressed by leaps and bounds, growing to become a US$400 billion industry worldwide. Even the Singapore government is involved in the space. In May, the country’s Minister of State for Manpower, Zaqy Mohamed, announced the formation of the HR Industry […]

Empowering today’s connected workforce through a data-driven approach to managing hourly workers

Interview with Eugene Ng, Co-Founder, Head of Growth at StaffAny

Eugene and I connected on LinkedIn about a year back. Back then his profile was showing that he is in stealth mode of his HR Tech startup. That was during the peak of the crypto BS and naturally, I thought it is going to be another blockchain idea that the world doesn’t need. The unfolding […]

Starting A Business In Singapore On A Budget As A Millennial

I bet you can’t even guess how many “entrepreneurs” are out there right now. I’m sure you’ve seen countless annoying, scammy, and make-you-want-to-skip ads all over social media on how to become an entrepreneur and make bank. Luckily for most of us, are astute enough to think twice before buying into their one-time offer for […]