12 Tips for Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is the practice of following behavioral and environmental habits to improve sleep quality and daytime alertness. An important component of good sleep hygiene is making sure you’re sleeping enough. On average, 7 hours of sleep each night is recommended for adults. If you find that you struggle to get enough hours, try adopting […]

What To Do When Unemployment Strikes

My 9-steps approach to getting back into the job market

With the erratic market situation brought about by a combination of external factors such as trade wars, governments’ leverage and, most recently, the Covid-19, it is hard to not have these affect our personal rice bowl. These are things beyond our control.  What we could do is to better identify the situation and react as […]

My 2019

review of my year

Doing a year review is always tough because chances are you won’t remember the things that happened way back in January. Unless it is me winning Toto first prize but that’s another thing. It would be great if there is an app where I can do my daily journaling and end of the year, it […]

My 2018

Writing a review of the year reminds me of doing the dreaded yearly appraisal. How the hell can I remember what happened in Jan when it is now Dec? Regardless, as I scroll back on my Google Photos, I shall attempt to do just that. Also I didn’t last year when I should have since […]

Year in Review 2016

What I achieved, did and messed up last year

How has 2016 turned out for you? Good? Lousy? Could be better? Honestly for most of us, we won’t know. Even if you have an answer, it would probably co-relate very much to what happened this week. So if this has been a horrible week for you, that would probably be the same answer to […]

Why I Stop My Self-Help Books Addiction

and save myself hours for better things

In the 11 years of running my first business, I didn’t read a single management book. That’s right. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Unless you want to count the one I placed on the bookshelf just behind my desk. That was a textbook during my uni days, and it is put there primarily to impress strangers. I’m […]

stacks of self-help books on a shelf

Can Cold Temps Really Help You To Lose Weight?

Burn an estimated 500-1000 calories a day. Just by wearing your clothes. That’s the tag line that got me reading and doing tonnes of research into it’s claims. This came from a recent Indiegogo campaign called “ThinIce” It isn’t trying to get you fund something you could get from your freezer. Instead it is a […]

5 Free & Easy Tricks To Fix A Slow Computer

It was like a speed demon when you first got it back from the store. Every program and document open up so fast that you couldn’t even catch up. It was the best decision to replace your old antique computer with this new speed demon. That moment seems to be a distant dream now. It […]