Go from undiscovered to growing & monetizing your LinkedIn Account

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn and accelerate the growth of your personal brand. This is the exact system I used to go from zero to 30k followers and $500k in income with zero paid ads.

Hey, Adrian here.

I started my LinkedIn journey around the same time it started in Singapore, around 2011. 

The number of LinkedIn users has exploded, and in 2017, the platform crossed its half-a-billion mark. 

LinkedIn became the go-to network for all professionals globally.

I benefited tremendously from the growth. From speaking engagements to writing assignments to job offers, all these could not have been possible without the power of LinkedIn.

But with more people on the platform, you can’t just show up and expect magic to happen.

It will take a bit more work to stand out from the crowd. And that was what happened for me as I did my trial and error on how to do so on LinkedIn.

I have since hit the max of 30k connections and continue to grow even more followers using a strategy of storytelling, psychology and growth hacks.

It took me years of hard knocks but it shouldn’t be. This is why I’m creating this all-action course for any professionals that are also looking to ride on the power of LinkedIn.

It’s everything you need to grow your brand and profile. Or more precisely, exactly how I’d help you if you hired me.

Whether you are trying to be more visible on LinkedIn to get more job opportunities, or simply trying to promote a cause or your business, this course will enable you to gain those traffic meaningfully. 

It covers your LinkedIn profile optimisation, how to ideate and create content that people will consume and growth hacks to give your activities a little boost.

Each module relates to one of these stages. Here's the outline:

Setting Up



Banner Image



Creator Mode

Social Selling Index

Visibility Settings

All About Content

LinkedIn algorithm

Post Formats

Content Types


Writing Templates


Posting Tips

Growth Hacks

Find engagement partners

Mine target prospects

Outbound Prospecting

LinkedIn Automation

Advanced Analytics

Let’s go into the details.

1. Profile

Before you bring traffic to your shop front, you need to make sure it is well dressed up and displayed. 

That means optimising your profile to maximise all the features LinkedIn provide.

Beyond that, we also need to take advantage of advanced features with Creator Mode and ensure all these are hidden away from view via the proper visibility settings.

2. Content Creation

The meat of this course, we start by understanding the science behind the virality of posts and work around that algorithm.

This is best done by using storytelling, and this module will cover ideation, the types of posts and deconstructing viral posts so we can build our own.

3. Growth Hacks

Beyond just getting inbound traffic, there are other ways to secure more traffic. It can come in the form of having engagement partners, strategic interactions with your connections (or even other competition) and using automation to scale your response and outreach effort.

One last thing.

1/ It’s going to be short.

I cannot stand elongated courses to fluff up the air time. 

This is going to be absolutely nothing like that.

I want to give you as much as possible in as little time as possible. 

2/ It’s going to be simple.

No jargon. No unnecessary complexity.

Each module is hundreds of hours of research, experimentation, talking to experts, getting my hands dirty, falling on my face...

Condensed into simple step-by-step videos.

3/ It's going to be practical.

This isn't an academic degree. Everything is practical. We’re going to talk about it. I’ll show you how it is done with supporting examples, and you can put that into practice.

For REAL. My exact process. That's how you learn.

How would lots of online traffic, top-of-mind awareness and 30k connections change your life?

For me, it allowed the former editor at Channel NewsAsia to reach out to me. I have since written for them close to 20 commentaries, which became a traffic amplifier and led to commissioned writing works.

Companies such as Nespresso and Stashaway approached me to do sponsored postings with my LinkedIn traffic.

It also gave me the spotlight to share my subject matter regularly. That got me to become one of the top 60 global influencers in HR Tech. That accolade led me to my previous two jobs.

Back to my question, how would these play out for you?