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How Video-Based Learning help Train Remote Employees

Video-based learning refers to using video content to educate and train learners. This learning method can take many forms, such as recorded lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, or virtual instructor-led sessions. The use of video allows learners to see, hear, and understandā€¦

Instead of quiet quitting, you should be career cushioning

In late 2021, I becameĀ self-employed, providing content writing andĀ marketing servicesĀ to HR tech companies. It started well with more retainers than I could handle. On top of that, my ad-hoc commissioned work provided some side income. But in the middle ofā€¦

5 Easy Steps to Automate Employee Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding has evolved into a critical process for a successful growing company, combining the management process with staff management. Effective onboarding translates into improved learning and motivation. It also helps an organisation to prevent employee turnover. A study byā€¦