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I will be moderating a session on “Leveraging AI and Big Data for Workforce Analytics” in Hall #1 on Friday, August 2nd, 2019, 10:00AM- 10:40AM.

Date: August 1, 2019—August 2, 2019
Event: EdTech Asia Summit 2019
Topic: Leveraging AI and Big Data for Workforce Analytics
Venue: Raffles City Convention Centre
Public: Public
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GetLinks Launches Free Job Posts and Free Trial

While LinkedIn prices are increasing by 15%, tech hiring platform GetLinks unlocks jobs posting for everyone, free of charge

Bangkok, 11 July 2019 – Djoann Fal, CEO of GetLinks, announced new features that help organizations make tech hiring predictable, and they are free to try out.

GetLinks’ research has shown that employer branding plays a crucial role in tech hiring, yet often overlooked.

That’s why they introduced new features to help companies show off what really matters to tech candidates: tech stack, growth opportunities, projects, and testimonials.

How to automate your manual entry of data with CandidateZip

I love data entry, says no one ever.

This is especially so given the ease of data access.

In the context of recruitment, a job posting on average yields double digits application. Which is quite manageable with an hour or two.

Now, you get more than 200 applicants for any job role.

The Organisational Network Analysis revolution

Organisational Network Analysis or ONA has been making waves in the HR space.

According to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, 48% of companies are experimenting with ONA.

A survey by Insight222 identified ONA as the topic most People Analytics (PA) and HR leaders want to learn more about.


What is Organisational Network Analysis?

Accelerate your business impact with big data, assisted intelligence and analytics

Harnessing meaningful insights out of data using artificial intelligence was once considered to be a prowess possessed by large enterprises alone.

In order to outperform and connect with the right audience at the right time, becoming data-driven is the new normal for success. But how to turn your data into actionable insights and stay ahead in the Business 4.0 revolution?

14 Productivity Tools and Apps That Help Me Achieve More in 2019

Productivity – the buzzword of the Singapore economy since time immemorial.

In the beginning, it was very much centred on the industrial age that we were in.

This means getting operators to adopt new equipment, change to new workflows or simply making the production area more ergonomic so you save previous minutes which could be channelled to making more widgets.

How Alt Learning reduced onboarding cost and increased efficiency

What if we train them and they leave? What if we don’t and they stay?

This is a common phrase whenever discussion surrounds training. Or in today’s context, better known as learning & development.

In a research paper by Dr Amir Elnaga & Amen Imran titled ‘The Effect of Training on Employee Performance’, it affirmed the proposition that training has a positive impact on employee performance.

Using RChilli to accelerate your candidate screening process

Most recently I was invited to moderate a panel discussion related to time-to-fill.

Essentially the premise on how do you accelerate the process from application to the onboarding of the candidate.

Traditionally, this would mean getting the applications in, manual screening of those applications, going through rounds of selections (which include phone/face-to-face interview), offer and onboarding.

Secure your business communication with Alt Messenger

According to a McKinsey analysis, the average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email.

This is largely due to the sheer number of messages that they received daily – 120 of them.

Email was once at the forefront of convenience.

Used as a way to quickly send messages and share files from anywhere in the world, it was — and, for many, still is — a primary tool to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues.