60: Rolf van der Pol on people efficiency, digitalisation struggles and uncovering the true problem statement

Rolf van der Pol started his career in information technology and moved to the financial services industry in 1990. He has a broad experience in line and project management roles across Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific working for international banks.

Since 2006 he is working with Cadena – an HRM and Payroll solutions company with its service and development centre in Vietnam – and is the director for Cadena in Singapore since its inception in 2015. He has worked with a large number of regional companies, ranging from SMEs, local and regional corporates to MNCs in the field of HRM system implementation and consultation.

Rolf has a Masters degree in Economics and Organisational behaviour from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

What I discussed with Rolf

  • Applying his KYC experience into HRMS
  • Efficiency tends to be overlooked during digitalisation
  • Why companies struggle to digitalise
  • Digging deeper to uncover the problems beneath the symptoms
  • And many more…

Please enjoy!

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