Accelerate your hiring with Talview

In a fast-shifting talent marketplace, Recruiters are facing multiple challenges:

  • The best candidate is available in the market for 10 days
  • 60% of candidates abandon the long hiring process.
  • US$ 4000 is the average cost of hire for enterprises
  • Finally, there is a shift in preference of professionals/millennials for “gigs”, rather than permanent roles

Talview helps to address these challenges by reaching out to & screening more candidates using lesser time than traditional hiring processes.

Furthermore, Talview’s Instahiring platform helps administer comprehensive assessments online and create objective evaluation tools to handpick the right talent for the enterprise.

Talview provides an exceptional experience to candidates and enterprises alike.

Hence, it’s not surprising that enterprises like Deloitte, Economic Development Board (EDB) Cognizant, OCBC Bank, Swiss Re, Sephora, and OCBC Bank have leveraged Talview’s capability in hiring the right talent faster and better.

Talview is also designed to cater to the mobile-first internet user of the 21st century who is accustomed to virtual methods of communication by providing an exceptional experience, in turn improving the branding of the enterprises.

Some of the key benefits of using Talview are:

  • Interviewing without boundaries: Talview’s Online video-based application enables asynchronous interviews allowing interviewing multiple candidates across borders at the same time. This reduces the cost to hire and increases the reach for organizations.
  • Behavioural Insights: Talview is powered by best in class AI technologies including NLP, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Video Analytics. This helps interviewers evaluate body language, grammar, and behavioural traits and not just technical or functional skills. Deceptive interviews can be curbed using technology like automated remote video proctoring.
  • Out of the box integration: Seamless integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) help reviewers and administrators automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on selecting the right candidates
  • Ease of scheduling: Candidates have the liberty of taking the interview when they want and the hiring manager has the convenience to review at leisure. Last-minute dropouts and no shows are a thing of the past
  • Live interviews: With interview scheduling features, companies can opt for live interviews when asynchronous interviews aren’t feasible.
  • Talent Insights: Excellent reports like indicating a candidate’s competency and behavioural-cultural fit, keyword analysis, communication styles provide the recruiter with a holistic understanding of all candidates being interviewed.
  • Accelerated Hiring: From an average of 24-72 hours spent on-campus hiring, companies can target hiring smarter talent in less than a day with this platform.

Talview suggests that 89% of candidates had a positive outlook towards the video interview experience and additionally, they liked the prospective employers’ new approach towards the interview with a video-based tool because of the fact that they are advanced in their outlook.

For a free demo of Talview’s Instahiring platform, sign up or mail [email protected]

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