Praise for baseline work, too

I recently received a notification to subscribe to Yann Aitbachir’s LinkedIn newsletter. For those who don’t know Yann, he’s the Director of Engineering, AI, and data at ShopBack.

While I was initially reluctant to subscribe to yet another tech newsletter, something prompted me to give it a chanceโ€”and I’m glad I did.

Yann’s first newsletter issue didn’t delve into mind-numbing technical details. Instead, he shared a valuable lesson about recognizing and praising your team, even for expected tasks.

Yann admitted that he used to view simply getting the job done as the baseline expectation and saw no need for further accolades. H

However, a mentor advised him otherwise, suggesting that positive feedback and acknowledgement, even for expected work, can reinforce and encourage more positive behaviours.

Being the engineer he is, Yann decided to test this hypothesis, which worked.

In his newsletter, Yann expands on this valuable insight and its positive impact on his team. Check it out for yourself.

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