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With more than a decade in agency recruitment, I would think I have seen it all, especially when it comes to ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Besides having experience from Bullhorn to DM Recruit to JobAdder, I probably have seen at least 40 other ATS demos.

To the extent, I would usually tell people that an ATS is an ATS is an ATS.

Today’s talent transformation journey is not about improving anymore, but really about completely rethinking how we run our business, how work gets executed and how we create seamless experiences for our customers and employees.

People Matters TechHR aims to provide insights, information, access to the most progressive technologies as well as a reflection on the way forward for a people-led digital transformation.

Date:February 19, 2020—February 21, 2020
Event:People Matters TechHR 2020
Venue: Marina Bay Sands
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Building smart organisations, now simplified

I just finished giving a talk on HR technology when I was approached by a couple of attendees.

They happened to be from the Singapore Navy and was there to learn more about HR Technology which they might be able to consider for their organisation.

For an organisation with the most modern fighting machinery on the sea in South East Asia, any person applying for a day of leave would have to make their way to their camp and make that submission via an intranet terminal.

Empowering today’s connected workforce through a data-driven approach to managing hourly workers

Interview with Eugene Ng, Co-Founder, Head of Growth at StaffAny

Eugene and I connected on LinkedIn about a year back.

Back then his profile was showing that he is in stealth mode of his HR Tech startup.

That was during the peak of the crypto BS and naturally, I thought it is going to be another blockchain idea that the world doesn’t need.

How to Weed Out Candidates That Won’t Fit Into Your Team

Hiring is a challenge for businesses today. What are some things you can do to weed out candidates that won’t fit your team?

One of the biggest concerns of a company is bringing the wrong personnel onboard. Worryingly, many HR executives still suffer from this problem.

Job scopes are becoming complex, making it harder for companies to hire the right people.

Businesses in the past only had to rely on a piece of paper to determine candidates but the landscape now is not as straightforward as it was before.

How Money Laundering (AML) and Terrorism Financing (CTF) Threaten Economic Stability

Financial crimes associated with identity theft, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, market manipulation and terrorist financing have grown at an alarming rate that is threatening global financial stability.

The 2018 Thomson Reuters True Cost of Financial Crime report revealed that the annual cost of financial crime to the global economy is estimated at US$1.45 trillion, with US$166 billion in the Asia Pacific region alone.

No mind-numbing presentations, Only high-quality demos of cutting-edge HR technology solutions

About this Event Demo Hour aims to bring the HR community together to evangelize & promote the adoption of HR Technologies.

No mind-numbing presentations, only high-quality demos of cutting-edge HR technology solutions by leading #hrtech solution providers servicing the Singapore marketplace.

Date:October 17, 2019
Time:16:00-18:00 Demo Hour(Oct Edition)

In Thailand, strong economic times and an unrelenting wave of new digital technologies are challenging HR professionals like never before. Competition for talent is fierce and employee expectations are at an all-time high, but the HR department has often lagged behind other business functions in exploiting the digital world.

Driven by Human Resources Online’s unwavering dedication to provide a platform for the HR space in Thailand, we are bringing you an exciting inaugural event that will offer HR professionals a unique opportunity to uncover and learn about complex HR innovation tools and strategies through a one-stop comprehensive platform.

Date:November 26, 2019—November 27, 2019
Event:Accelerate HR 2019 (Bangkok)