Work It – The ins and outs of the exit interview

Hey there, friends and fellow curiosity seekers!

It’s your host from the CNA podcast, and I’ve got some bittersweet news to share. We’re turning the page on a significant chapter as we bid farewell to our host roles. But before we close the book, let’s dive into the heart of our recent episode, packed with reflections, insights, and a touch of nostalgia.

🎙️ Reflecting on Our Journey
We took a moment to look back at the incredible journey of our podcast. From the impactful stories we’ve shared to the memorable moments that have shaped our experience, it’s been a ride full of learning and laughter. We’re grateful for the community we’ve built and the conversations that have sparked change and understanding.

🤝 The Art of Goodbyes and Staying Put
In a candid discussion, we explored the world of exit and stay interviews. Have you ever wondered what keeps employees ticking or why they decide to move on? We delved into the nitty-gritty of these crucial conversations and how they can lead to meaningful organizational change.

🔍 Behind the Scenes of Guest Selection
Selecting the right guests is no small feat, and we shared our challenges and triumphs in this arena. Authenticity and storytelling are at the heart of engaging episodes, and we’ve strived to bring you voices that resonate and stories that inspire.

🎧 Podcast Format: The Long and Short of It
To Singlish or not to Singlish? We tackled the balance between authenticity and listener preferences and debated the ideal length for podcast episodes. Whether you’re a fan of deep dives or bite-sized content, we’ve pondered it all to deliver a listening experience that fits into your life.

As we pass the mic to a new host, we’re grateful and excited for the future. We’d love to hear your advice and well wishes for the next chapter of the CNA podcast.

So, are you ready to join us for one last hurrah? Tune in to our latest episode for a heartfelt goodbye and a treasure trove of insights that just might change the way you think about work, storytelling, and the power of a good conversation.

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