How To Actually Master Boolean Overnight

Ever since my article on ‘The Beginners Guide To Boolean Search For Recruiters’ came out, I have been receiving emails from my readers thanking me for the elaboration.


But I get a lot more telling me it is just too damn hard.

Boolean can be a bit hard to grasp because you are combining the science with a dose of creativity to identify people who are using various unstrucutred content to describe themselves.

There Is A Book In Everyone Of Us

Interview with Book Publisher Phoon Kok Hwa

Kok Hwa was introduced by my co-author Steven as we were looking around for a publisher for our career guide book.

phoon profile

A mild-mannered gentleman, Kok Hwa has been in the book publishing business for 14 years. It is common to find Candid Creation Publishing logo on every other local book.

To date, he has he has published over 400 titles with close to a million copies circulating in the market.

4 Rising HR Tech Startups to Watch Out for in Singapore

SalaryBoard, EngageRocket, Mimetic and TalentDash will soon disrupt the HR dept

Technology has become more and more invasive across almost every possible industries and functions. The most recent one would be FinTech as MAS gets into the game and attempts to bring together Startups, investors, financial institutions and government agencies together over the inaugural FinTech festival in Nov 2016.


Even the NTUC recognizes the significance and value of startups and disruptive technologies and has engaged startups via focus groups and networking events.

Disrupting The Financial Advisory Industry With A Fee-Based Approach

Interview with Financial Advisory Firm's CEO Christopher Tan

Christopher and I met a few years back after I got to know one of his ex colleagues at a training workshop.

Providend CEO Christopher Tan

Prior to that I have never heard of Providend and was intrigued with their unique approach.

Most of us would have some form of insurance policies. And many of us probably would have bought many wrong ones.

I know I did.

It started when I was in National Service.

How Microsoft & LinkedIn Could Reboot Recruiting

What's the big deal?

This is a guest post by Ninh Tran, CMO at Hiretual, a Recruiting Power Tool made by Recruiters for Recruiters. You can connect with him at LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora & Facebook

On June 13, 2016, three big brothers got together and spun the roulette. The Microsoft house took the gamble, and the LinkedIn players got their huge payout. Microsoft’s CEO


Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner, and LinkedIn’s Co-founder Reid Hoffman announced $26.2B cash LinkedIn acquisition.

Find Out How Getfunding Solve Your Business Funding Woes

Interview with Founder & CEO Raymond Ng

If I have to describe Raymond, I would think of him as a bottle of good Whiskey.

Entrepreneur Raymond Ng

You may not appreciate it from the onset but slowly and surely it will become an acquired taste.

I got to know about him via their facebook ad. The name of the company struck me – GetFunding.

Sounds a bit scammy but it is anything but.

Housed in a humble office over in North Bridge Centre, Raymond has been in the finance line for decades.

Keen In A Virtual Workforce? Here’s What You Need To Do First

The key to the success of any business, whether a startup or a large corporation, is the talent of the team powering the ship.


However, in order to find the right people for each job, you need to have a hiring and candidate search philosophy.

This is especially true of the IT sector, since it’s one of the fastest growing industries in Singapore.

Due to an increase in government support and funding for improved telecommunication infrastructure, there’s an increased demand for IT personnel.

Bullhorn Recruitment Software Review

Bullhorn, the Boston-born recruitment technology giant, has landed in Asia.

Bullhorn Recruitment ATS

Having met Bullhorn’s Singapore-based Sales Director last weekend, he had a lot to say about the system as a ‘new wave of recruitment software, ready to disrupt Asia’. So naturally, I thought I would test these claims.

The problem with many of the recruitment CRM or ATS software suites available in Singapore is that they’re unintuitive to use and often require more work to maintain than the benefits they provide.

Interview with Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Derick Ng

CEO & Co-founder at Clickr Media

Over the course of ten years running my previous recruitment business, I changed the website five times.

Media Entrepreneur Derick Ng - Clickr Media

I am fickle as a customer. The very minute I ended the call with my project manager, I would be off to Internet land finding new websites that I will frantically shoot out to my PM.

Looking back, even I can’t stand myself as a customer.

But Derick and his team manage to handle my fickle-mindedness well with their technical know-how and creative flair.

FormSwift Email Signature Tool Review

So you got a swanky new website, fancy name cards and designer brochures.

Fountain pen and signature

But when you get to your email signature, it looks something like this:

John Doe
Ph: 1234-5678

Doesn’t exactly align well with what you had done in your marketing.

Given that you could be sending out dozens, if not hundreds of emails per day, your email signature is probably one of the most overlooked marketing tools to sell your company and products.