Leveraging On The Internet To A $5 Million Business

Interview with Success Vantage CEO: Alvin Huang

Alvin and I met slightly more than two years ago.

Team Success Vantage at their office

We were invited to a coffee session by Entrepreneurs’ Organization to learn more about it and the application criteria.

I was drawn by the name of his company and in typically kay-poh fashion, did a quick google about his business the minute we said goodbye at coffee club.

Since then, I have been following him closely on Facebook and is impressed at the things he has been involved with since.

Upgrade Your Recruitment Process With TalentDash

map out your talents with ease

One paradox of the 21st century is that even though we are living in a digital age where automation spurs efficiency, the infinite choices that we have hinders this new-found efficiency.


This is especially a problem in the recruitment scene.

The digital age may have made it easier for companies to put up job ads, but simply putting up job ads may not guarantee a quality hire. How does this happen?

This Is How You Accelerate Your Tech Recruitment

and save up to 75% of time spent on screening and shortlisting

When I did my first hire for my previous recruitment business back in 2005, it took us a good 6 – 8 weeks to get from putting together the job description to having our hire sign off on the employment contract.

HackerTrail tech recruitment

We were extremely fortunate that she was able to wait out for such an extended period.

In today’s world, nobody has the patience to wait so long.

But despite all the technological advancements from online job boards to Applicant Tracking Systems to LinkedIN to Recruitment Marketing and Data Analytics, it still takes that long if not longer.

5 Must-Have Tools for Every Entrepreneur

And a bonus tool to keep you motivated

Being an entrepreneur is not easy.

5 Must-Have Tools for Every Entrepreneur

When you are your own boss you are not putting only yourself, but your company on the line as well.

You are responsible for your business success, but for failure as well.

If you wish for your business to grow, you need to dedicate time and energy into it.

And that’s not an easy job.

Some of you will agree that 24 hours per day is not enough and that you constantly need more time.

Why I Stop My Self-Help Books Addiction

and save myself hours for better things

In the 11 years of running my first business, I didn’t read a single management book.

stacks of self-help books on a shelf

That’s right. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Unless you want to count the one I placed on the bookshelf just behind my desk. That was a textbook during my uni days, and it is put there primarily to impress strangers. I’m not sure if that works.

About eight months after my exit, I started to pick up books again.

After a successful digital agency exit, he is looking disrupt the finance industry

Interview with Founder and CEO at Pealo: Prakash Somosundram

I first heard of Prakash from my friend Clement.

Pealo Founder & CEO Prakash Somosundram

He was aware of my interest to share my knowledge with the younger local entrepreneurs community and told me that I should get in touch with ACE.

ACE stands for Action Community for Entrepreneurship. You can find out more about them from their website.

Prakash serves as the Vice Chairman for them, in addition to running Yolk, a Digital agency based in Singapore with offices around ASEAN that he co-founded in 2001.

How To Actually Master Boolean Overnight

Ever since my article on ‘The Beginners Guide To Boolean Search For Recruiters’ came out, I have been receiving emails from my readers thanking me for the elaboration.


But I get a lot more telling me it is just too damn hard.

Boolean can be a bit hard to grasp because you are combining the science with a dose of creativity to identify people who are using various unstrucutred content to describe themselves.

There Is A Book In Everyone Of Us

Interview with Book Publisher Phoon Kok Hwa

Kok Hwa was introduced by my co-author Steven as we were looking around for a publisher for our career guide book.

phoon profile

A mild-mannered gentleman, Kok Hwa has been in the book publishing business for 14 years. It is common to find Candid Creation Publishing logo on every other local book.

To date, he has he has published over 400 titles with close to a million copies circulating in the market.

4 Rising HR Tech Startups to Watch Out for in Singapore

SalaryBoard, EngageRocket, Mimetic and TalentDash will soon disrupt the HR dept

Technology has become more and more invasive across almost every possible industries and functions. The most recent one would be FinTech as MAS gets into the game and attempts to bring together Startups, investors, financial institutions and government agencies together over the inaugural FinTech festival in Nov 2016.


Even the NTUC recognizes the significance and value of startups and disruptive technologies and has engaged startups via focus groups and networking events.

Disrupting The Financial Advisory Industry With A Fee-Based Approach

Interview with Financial Advisory Firm's CEO Christopher Tan

Christopher and I met a few years back after I got to know one of his ex colleagues at a training workshop.

Providend CEO Christopher Tan

Prior to that I have never heard of Providend and was intrigued with their unique approach.

Most of us would have some form of insurance policies. And many of us probably would have bought many wrong ones.

I know I did.

It started when I was in National Service.