FormSwift Email Signature Tool Review

So you got a swanky new website, fancy name cards and designer brochures.

Fountain pen and signature

But when you get to your email signature, it looks something like this:

John Doe
Ph: 1234-5678

Doesn’t exactly align well with what you had done in your marketing.

Given that you could be sending out dozens, if not hundreds of emails per day, your email signature is probably one of the most overlooked marketing tools to sell your company and products.

Interview With EdTech Entrepreneur Kevin Chan

CEO & Co-founder at Coursepad

By now many should have read this analogy as least once. It goes like this:

Coursepad - Kevin Chan

CFO asks CEO: What happens if we spend money training our people and then they leave?

CEO: What happens if we don’t, and they stay?

It speaks volume about the importance of training your people because the quality of your people determines the quality of your business.

But for many, training is also a dirty word.

Managing SMEs In A Tough Economy: The First Cut

This is a guest post by Steven Pang, the Managing Partner at Olmec Search. He is a recruitment veteran with over 20 years experience in the executive search and recruitment industry.

Since the start of 2016, the global economy (and by default the Singapore economy) has been flat.

knife and cutting board, representing cuts in a tough economy

The stock markets around the world are still either trading flat or down from 2015. Some experts believe that the stock market is six months ahead of the economy, so we are in for some turbulent times!

Interview With Legal Entrepreneur Samuel Yuen

It all started with a belief

Legal entrepreneur Samuel Yuen was introduced to me in mid-2014.


I was chairing the local association for recruitment agencies and changes to the personal data protection act (“PDPA”) just came. We didn’t know what to do, and one of our members recommended Samuel to advise us.

Samuel is one big man but one with an even bigger heart. He goes beyond his call of duty, despite the limited budget our association had.

Interview With HR Tech Entrepreneur Loke Qian Li

SMS Recruiting Expert, Native Japanese Speaker, Whiskey Lover.

When we look at recruitment, we usually will associate with the PMEs.


That stands for Professional, Managerial and Executives. And according to NTUC, this group would form two third of our local working population by 2030.

What about the balance one-third which is the blue-collar workers? And given we are far from 2030, they represent a larger pool than the projected one-third.

Wikipedia: the blue-collar worker is a working class person who performs manual labour.

Interview With Media Entrepreneur Ryan Tan

Founder and Cinematographer of Night Owl Cinematics

I got to know Ryan early 2013. That was when I first came across fascinating YouTube channels such as nigahiga and Smosh.


It was such refreshing content from the boring stuff you get on TV.

It also got me thinking if there might be such channels locally. My search brought me to Night Owl Cinematics channel.

They just released a video which became 2013 Singapore most trending Youtube:

Back then I was still running RecruitPlus and was constantly looking for new ways to get publicity and market the business.

The $0 Guide To Your First Employer Branding Content

You get it. Employer Branding is not just an option anymore.

Employer branding content

It is a must-have. Just as one should have a Facebook account, otherwise risk the weird stares and comments. You try. You really do.

You look at what Apple is doing, what Spotify has on its career page… and before you go to one more, creating your own is beginning to feel more and more like doing up a Ph.D.

Interview With MarketPlace Entrepreneur Chin SuYuen

Chief Inventor - MomoCentral

I got to know SuYuen via Gordon‘s recommendation.

SuYuen sitting bank in a comfortable chair with a laptop on her lap.

It came about as I was looking for developers to help me with a CareerTech idea (more on that soon. It is coming to fruition.).

I wasn’t keen to hire one full-time given the part-time nature that I’m personally committing into this.

It was then that I was introduced to MomoCentral, a real-time freelancing platform for you to find developers and designers.

5 Investment Tips To Help Young Entrepreneurs Make The Most Of Their Investments

If you’re a young entrepreneur starting off in the world of business, then you’ll want to get up to speed with the tricks, tips and practices of more seasoned veterans as quickly as possible.

green investment button on keyboard

Experienced businesspeople will have learned how to make their money work for them so that they have the capital required to fund their operations.

They’ll base their decisions on some fundamental principles – and these are what up-and-coming young business person must learn as early as possible.

Interview With HR Entrepreneur Madu Ionascu

Co Founder and CEO at Salary Board

I first got to know Madu via LinkedIN.


This was back in Oct 2015 and he was a recent follower of my blog. Coincidentally both of us registered for the same event within that week and that is where we first caught up.

We met up a few days later over coffee and spent close to 3 hours learning about each other products and businesses. You know those moments when you first got to know someone new but it felt like you had known them for ages?