Why HR Tech Should Pay Attention to User Experience

Today, end-users of HR tech are not restricted to HR staff. Everyone in the organization consumes HR tech. Hence, it is super important to make it as easy and accessible as possible.

Complicated workflows and difficult to navigate processes may leave your users frustrated. This is why HR tech buyers always look for user experience while picking the right HR solution for their company.

Today, user experience goes way beyond simply offering a good design. In this article, let’s look at some reasons why user experience is important for HR tech, and how you can improve the user experience of HR tech.

Why is User Experience Essential for HR Tech?

Here are a few reasons why user experience is crucial for HR tech:

1. Ease of Usability

HR tech is designed to reduce manual work and make everyone’s lives easier. Therefore, there is no point in unnecessarily complicating the process. Hence, it must be made easily usable by anyone and everyone.

2. Increased User Engagement

With a better user experience and easy to use HR tech website features, more users will be interested in engaging it. This is important for increasing user satisfaction and keeping them coming back to your software over and over again.

3. More Time Saved

Easier workflows, better navigability, and minimalistic designs lead to a huge amount of time saved for users. Also, easy-to-use HR tech requires less time spent on onboarding and training. This leads to the effective usage of time for all users.

4. Increased Employee Productivity

This comes back to the previous point. Users focus on utilizing their time on more important tasks and end up saving lots of time on unnecessary, complicated tasks. This leads to increased productivity for all your users.

Best Practices for Improving User Experience in HR Tech

Now that you know why HR tech should pay attention to user experience, let’s look at some best practices for the same:

1. Keep the Design Simplistic and Intuitive

The 101 of offering a better user experience for any software solution is by making the website design as minimalistic as possible. By making the UI of the HR tech intuitive, you can increase user engagement and reduce the resources directed towards training.

If your HR tech is complicated and needs extensive onboarding, then its UI is something that you need to revisit. You should aim for a website design that intuitively guides all users towards the next steps in the most hassle-free manner.

2. Focus on Accessibility

Inclusivity and compassion towards the disabled is something that is encouraged in most organizations. Yet, accessibility is often ignored. The same is the case with HR tech. 

If you have users who might have some physical or emotional disabilities, then it is your responsibility to design HR websites that encourage them to use it just like anyone else would.

Improving accessibility for your HR website may include aspects such as screen reader adjustments, keyboard navigation adjustments, and UI adjustments. 

You can take the help of an AI-based accessibility solution that will ensure that your website always stays user-friendly for people with disabilities.

3. Improve Mobile Experience

Today, most users prefer a mobile experience rather than desktops. This is because of the better usability and flexibility of mobile devices. Hence, you must ensure that your HR website is extremely responsive and mobile-friendly.

This way, you’ll notice increased user engagement and happier users. Going mobile-friendly for your HR tech can give you the much needed competitive advantage in the market.

4. Simplify Workflows

HR tech tasks and workflows can seem quite tiring for many users. No one wants to spend their precious time understanding unnecessary, complicated workflows and racking their brains over them.

Hence, you should aim for HR tech website designs that require a minimum number of clicks. Everything must be easy to find and navigate to. You should try to avoid any confusing or challenging workflows. 

You should also work towards designing more standardized patterns and processes. Consistency leads to increased familiarity and thus ultimately leading to a better user experience for HR tech.

5. Offer Gamified Experiences

Everyone loves games and hence, gamifying HR tech is a brilliant way to increase engagement and improve user experience. 

You can offer gamification for your HR tech website by including visual guidance for workflows by the use of virtual tours or tooltips. You can integrate a fun game that will make the process more fun and fruitful. Integrating options for communication such as chats and group messaging can also improve user experience.


HR tech should be more user-centric than process-centric. At the end of the day, good HR tech is designed for making employees’ lives easier. Hence, user experience is essential for designing successful HR tech.

Implement these HR tech UX tactics and you are bound to see positive results in no time.

About The Author –

Gaurav Belani is a senior SEO and content marketing analyst at Growfusely, a content marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO. He has more than seven years of experience in digital marketing. He likes sharing his knowledge in a wide range of domains ranging from eCommerce, startups, marketing to human capital management and much more. His work is featured in several authoritative business publications. Connect with him on Twitter at @belanigaurav.

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