24 Awesome HR tools for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

Running a business can get overwhelming

No matter which direction it takes, either way you need to work on it.

And you probably need people to help you run it too.

Managing people is important but it shouldn’t become your main core of focus.

Here are 24 HR tools that will help you be more efficient in managing your workforce and allow you to spend more time tackling other business issues.

1. 15Five


15Five is an inter-company employee feedback system founded by entrepreneur David Hassell that is based in San Francisco.

Hassell, who has worked in online marketing and as an adventure-focused entrepreneur, founded 15Five in 2011. The original idea for the company came from Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, who implemented a weekly “5-15 report” to keep track of his employees and business while he enjoyed his adventurous life.

Hassell and his team implemented a system that involves employees spending “15 minutes to write the reports” while “managers spend no more than 5 minutes to read them.” Using this method, 15Five provides fast and easy communication between managers and employees using an interface that Hassell says is based on the design value of “elegant simplicity.”


2. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is online collaboration software offered by Bitrix, Inc. of Alexandria, Virginia. It provides tools for document sharing, tasking, CRM, calendaring, search, email and project management. These tools are linked in a social-media style environment incorporating user profiles, liking, commenting, chat, and content sharing.

Bitrix24 is available as a cloud-hosted or self-hosted service. It comes with a desktop app for video calls, messaging and file sync, and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

In addition to acting as an enterprise social network, it acts as a human resources information system. The company claims that over 2500 HR departments, staffing agencies and professional recruiters use social HR solutions from Bitrix.


3. StaffonDemand


StaffOnDemand is a cloud-based recruitment platform that helps you to recruit staff smarter, faster and better, giving you full control and overview of your entire recruitment process. Let us help you to maximize your job ad’s exposure to over 1 million active job seekers, and empower you to reap significant time and cost savings from your recruitment process!


4. Emergenetics


Emergenetics is a tool that reveals a person’s behavioral and thinking preferences. Emergenetics profiling is often used by companies and businesses as a development tool to help members of a team understand each other so as to build a productive work culture. Developed through research grounded in neuroscience theories, the tool has high reliability and validity, and it is easy to administer and understand. It is also non-judgmental or stereotyping, so it does not put people into a box.

The Emergenetics Profiling is achieved through a self-assement questionnaire of 100 questions, with scores normed against a global database. Unlike other tools that are not normed, the Emergenetics Profile allows for true comparison between individuals from different cultures. This is especially helpful for businesses that have a multinational workforce.


5. Hackertrail


HackerTrail is a cloud-based recruitment solution for the technology industry, designed to source and connect the right candidates with the right employer. HackerTrail prevents interview fatigue and empowers hiring managers to focus their resources only on the right candidates. Most of their clients are provided with qualified and motivated candidates within two weeks of using our proprietary approach.

For employers it help to build awareness about their job opportunity and their brand using a proprietary tools which basically turn the recruitment drive into a challenging game, making your selection process as meritocratic as possible.


6. Slack


Slack is a team communication tool co-founded by Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, and Serguei Mourachov. Slack began as an internal tool used by their company Tiny Speck in the development of Glitch, a now defunct online game. Slack was launched in August, 2013, and signed up 8000 customers within 24 hours of launch.

Slack offers persistent chat rooms organized by topic, as well as private groups and direct messaging. All content inside Slack is searchable from one search box. Slack integrates with a large number of third-party services and supports community-built integrations. Major integrations include services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Heroku, Crashlytics, GitHub and Zendesk.


7. Pyrks


Pyrks is a platform that helps startups and SMEs save big on awesome company perks. We pool businesses together to form a powerful network and secure deep corporate savings typically reserved for large companies.

Our easy-to-use platform connects entrepreneurs to the best pre-negotiated services available, including hosting, design, productivity, marketing and travel benefits.


8. Gametize


Gametize is a gamification engine/platform that helps brands and organizations increase engagement and loyalty with audience through game dynamics. White-label gamification campaigns and mobile apps powered by Gametize/GameMaki can be developed as fast as in 5-10 minutes.

Gametize is also designed with social sharing and community management as a focus to enhance the gamification experience. A game creator can choose to create challenges from videos, photos, quizzes, predictions to QR codes, tracked actions (e.g. logins, punctuality) and ideas management.

In early 2014, Singapore Management University (SMU) and Gametize Pte Ltd co-produced a pilot Gamification app for Leadership and Team-building (LTB), a core module for freshman students.


9. Workable

Workable is affordable, usable hiring software. It replaces email and spreadsheets with an applicant tracking system that your team will actually enjoy using. From building a branded careers page to posting ads to multiple job boards Workable makes it simple.

Browse rich profiles of your candidates and work effectively with your hiring team on a platform that keeps your notes, communication, schedule, comments and analytics in one place. It’s everything you need to hire better.

The full value of Workable becomes clear in the interview phase. Your hiring team will have access to everything; the notes from the first encounter with the candidate through the phone screening to arranging on-site interviews.

I personally have a busy schedule that includes travel so it was nice to quickly access a candidate prior to an interview, see their resume and where they are in the interview process. Our HR team loves the Google calendar integration so they can check my schedule and get something set up when I’m going to actually be in the office and available. (Source: Trustradius)


10. Work.com


Work.com, previously Rypple, is a social performance management platform that helps managers and employees improve work performance through continuous coaching, real-time feedback, and recognition. It is marketed as a solution for sales performance, customer service, marketing, and as a service that can be employed by human resource departments.


11. OfficeVibe

Officevibe is a web site and mobile app that uses gamification to get employees to complete a series of activities in competition with each other, to encourage interaction and team-building among co-workers. While gamification is a buzzword-du-jour that drives me a little crazy, it does make sense here. When used correctly, gamification can be an outstanding way to rally a team, generate excitement, and improve employee engagement.

Officevibe gives companies the tools that they need to measure and increase employee engagement.


12. Identifi

IDENTIFI provides organizations with cloud based solutions to manage their Human Resource functions and employee careers. Solutions range from pre-employment assessments to building developmental plans for existing employees. They help companies retain their top talent by enabling them to create clear, constant and authentic communication channels. These channels are used to measure their performance and provide feedback, support and recognition. Helping to foster deeper and meaningful relationships.


13. Temploy

Temploy is a new tool that automates the matching of temporary workers to employers while aligning expectations.

Temploy aims to accommodate the needs of both employers and candidates by improving work life balance through optimizing the schedules, preferences and earnings of part-timers as well as employers based on a “best fit” criteria.

The anxiety and fear of candidate ditching work halfway will be an issue of the past. Their algorithm does all the work, auto-selecting the most suitable candidates and auto generating timesheets.


14. Talenox


Talenox is a Human Capital Management software on the cloud and their emphasis is be the most intuitive and integrated HR app suite for SMEs.

They do this by focusing on user experience and design, so that even non-HR professionals can use the software.

Talenox currently offers 5 integrated apps in a single platform – Payroll, Profiles, Scheduler, Time Tracker, and Leave.


15. Matchimi


Matchimi is a Singapore-based startup that automatically matches part-time jobs to job seekers according to their preferences. Their system has an algorithm that optimizes both preferences and earnings of part-timers as well as employers. Unlike conventional job matching sites, their platform is ‘searchless’, making the process seamless, extremely easy, and convenient to use.


16. LifeOpp



LifeOpp is the only recruiting platform focused on the services sectors.

LifeOpp gives job seekers more incentive to stay with a tiered rewards and referral system. Successful applicants get a reward of a few hundred dollars if they join a company – emulating a practice in the high-end white collar world. The reward system also serves as a data point, allowing LifeOpp to know if and when a position gets filled.


17. Orange HRM

OrangeHRM Inc. is a software company based in Secaucus, New Jersey. The company produces the human resource management (HRIS) solution, OrangeHRM, that is available both as an open source and an advanced hosted application (SaaS). OrangeHRM is released under the GNU General Public License.

The architecture of the application targets small and medium enterprises. The functionality includes employee information management, employee absence management, recruitment management, employee performance evaluation and other HR management tools.


18. Podio

Podio is a freemium cloud-based collaboration service that was founded in 2009 and acquired by Citrix in 2012.

Podio supplies a web-based platform for organizing team communication, business processes, data and content in project management workspaces. Users can also select business “apps” from an online app store or build their own according to project needs.


19. Woo Board

Woo Board

WooBoard is an online platform that facilitates daily, accessible, positive peer recognition in the workplace. It’s an Australian based company with global ambitions to change the way team members and colleagues are recognised for their efforts, energies and contributions at work.


20. CXA Group


CXA is Asia’s first private workplace exchange that transforms a firm’s current healthcare spend into a benefits and wellness program that empowers employees to be healthier. Employees can select the most relevant mix of insurance and wellness services from a wide range of providers to suit their individual needs. Companies buying their insurance through CXA brokers get flexible benefits, workplace wellness administration and data analytics (lifestyle risks/ biometrics, activities, claims, costs) – all without spending more


21. Rewardz


Rewardz offers a comprehensive solution for your HR team by consolidating all staff perks into a simple online portal, accessible by employees from any physical location.

Since their inception in 2012, over 50 employers representing over 10,000 employees have already signed up with Rewardz. They have also established corporate tie-ups with a pool of over 70 merchants in Singapore with 100 rewards spread across a wide range of categories. Their merchants include prominent household names such as Raffles Medical, Fitness First, FoodPanda, Resorts World and Legoland.


22. KIN


Your company’s workforce isn’t a pile of papers in a cabinet. It’s a dynamic mix of people, projects, and business. Kin makes better use of everyone’s time by managing HR documents, tasks, assets, and time-off in an online exchange that your entire team can use. That means less paper, less wasted time, and more productivity.


23. 7geese


7Geese is a team-driven, continuous, and transparent platform that helps organizations rollout objectives and key results goal-tracking, values-based recognition, and a continuous culture of coaching.


24. BambooHR


BambooHR is the No. 1 online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown using spreadsheets to manage their employee information. BambooHR’s intuitive interface, streamlined implementation process, and responsive support team ensure a fail-safe transition from spreadsheets to our flexible Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that adapts to your changing needs.

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