Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2021 (Updated)

The latest Singapore HR Tech Market is live. And this year, it will be dynamic so you can see new entries throughout the year.

As much as I enjoy putting out the HR Tech Market Map over the past 4 years, I dread the early weeks right after it goes live.

Because that is a period when I will get a lot of messages telling me that:

a. I missed out on a company

b. I have miscategorized a company.

It is a problem if the map could be more dynamic rather than a hard copy that get dated real quick.

And it would be even better if vendors can just submit their information and indicate their category so there will be no assumptions.

The 2021 Singapore HR Market Map will be making that a reality.

Started late 2020, development work kicked off to conceptualise and put into play a new domain to house all future HR Tech market maps.

In a continuing collaboration with, we reached out to all we know in the HR Tech market to let them know about the new intent.

That took a bit of time given the new way of doing things and the fact that the onus is on them now to ensure accurate submission.

But the submissions are now much more informative beyond just a logo in the right box.

Each listed vendor will have their own page to showcase their videos, write-ups and whether they tick certain checkboxes.

To that end, the number of vendors on the map seem significantly lower compared to 2020 but they will be coming in real soon.

Shoutout to some of the vendors that came onboard real quick to make the launch this year a success.



Headquartered in Singapore, BIPO is a leading one-stop HR service provider with business links in over 12 countries. Available on the cloud and mobile, their integrated HRMS solutions are customisable, providing flexibility and convenience for companies looking to scale up. Leverage BIPO’s mobile APP to stay agile and cost-effective while engaging employees.


BrioHR covers HR admin (employee database, payroll, leaves…), recruitment, onboarding, and performance, all in a beautiful platform. With BrioHR, you can digitize and automate process across the full employee journey


Darwinbox is a new age cloud-based HCM solution built for organisations of all sizes to attract, engage and nurture their most critical resource – talent. In a space that has been dominated by either archaic ERP solutions or isolated best-of-breed solutions that struggle to integrate with existing HR systems, Darwinbox is Asia’s fastest-growing HCM platform that takes care of all HR needs across the employee life-cycle from hire to retire.


Streamline and automate your company’s payroll, leave & claims filing. Manage time attendance & shift scheduling with Facial Recognition technology. Everything you need on a single platform.


JustLogin is an Employee First Human Resource (HR) cloud platform that provides innovative technologies for businesses to manage their people operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong.


Payboy Payroll & HR Software is a cloud-based human resource management system that offers one-stop solution to all your HR needs: from payroll processing, leaves management, claims management, attendance tracking, shift & schedule planning, 360 appraisal system and more! Payboy prides itself with the best user interface and user experience on the market, making it fast, easy and intuitive to use! With Payboy’s mobile application, you can easily approve leaves and claims, and manage your employees, anytime and anywhere from your device.


Multi-Country payroll for Southeast Asia


All-in-one, intuitive AI-enabled HRMS platform across entire employee life cycles.


QuickHR provides top-notch Cloud-Based Technology to both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as Multinational Corporations (MNCs) in need of HR Automation. Our end-to-end HR Solution covers all aspects of human asset management, workforce management and human capital development. It is fully compliant with local labour and taxation laws.


HRIS for SMB with all HR processes built on a single data-engine platform for seamless experience & minimal maintenance.


Swingvy provides a mobile-first HR platform for small to medium-size businesses to ease their HR operations. By seamlessly connecting all HR information — employee data, payroll, claims, leave and benefits — Swingvy automates administrative HR work enabling SMEs to improve their people management, and remain compliant with local statutory regulations.


Talenox is a free cloud-based HR software that allows users to upgrade to SUITE accounts with advanced features. It is designed to manage payroll and leave, and store precious employee details from a central location. Talenox has been nominated Best Payroll Software by HRM Asia and is partners with Asia’s leading banks.


Tapplent brings together the tools required in what has commonly been known as an HCM platform to provide Workforce Technology in order to assist, drive, develop, recognise, reward, track and hire talent, and above all else Get-Work-Done

Unit4 Prosoft

Unit4 Prosoft is an end-to-end HR software that creates a fully integrated, flexible, and easy-to-use solution. Their HRMS allows you to focus on your people, the most important asset of your organization empowering them to achieve more while managing your payroll and human resource needs.

Talent Acquisition


Avvanz is a Gold Medal award-winning HRTech + FinTech company; offers of Background Checks + WSQ approved Training & Development Courses


Diversely is creating innovative, bias-free tools and D&I analytics to take the guesswork out of hiring for businesses globally.

Elements Global Services

Elements is an award-winning global tech firm that provides tailored employment solutions worldwide with our Employer of Record (EOR) model.


Fluidtal is the Digital Transformation Talent Cloud — unimpeded by geographical boundaries where agile talent is available On-Demand, based on performance and an extensive model that is rapidly scalable.

Globalization Partners

Your company can quickly hire team members in a new country without the legal, tax and HR burdens, and without setting up your own entity or subsidiary. is an autonomous recruitment platform. It delivers recruitment processes that require little to no human intervention.


LiveHire is a software-as-a-service platform connecting companies & job seekers through world-class design that is intuitive & easy to use.

Paradox AI

A conversational AI assistant creating magical candidate experiences and saving the world’s best talent acquisition teams countless hours every day by automating all kinds of recruiting tasks.


Founded more than twelve years ago by seasoned recruitment professionals from the industry, DM Recruit is well known for helping businesses automate the various activities associated with their recruitment and hiring process. Hundreds of companies and thousands of recruiters make use of our Cloud-based and applicant tracking system software daily to reduce their labour of placement and hiring.


GrabJobs is a next-generation Jobs Platform and Hiring Solution enabling Employers and Job Seekers to connect seamlessly. They help companies save time and money by automating the repetitive and time-consuming stages of the recruitment process.


mathilda® is a socially responsible hiring automation platform, the next-gen ATS that focuses on outstanding experience management while building an unbeatable employer brand.


RChilli enhances the recruitment process by improving the candidate experience by 85% and recruiters’ productivity by 80% through the power of AI and NLP.


SeeMeCV is a cloud-based virtual event solution that provides customised experiences that connect and engage visitors with exhibitors. Our versatile solution can be deployed as a full-service suite or by individual modules depending on the need.


Snaphunt is an end-to-end remote hiring platform that helps employers find, screen, engage & hire white-collar talent across geographies for a skill & culture fit.

The flagship product of is Asia’s first AI-powered offer management platform, on a mission to help companies convert Tech Candidates into employees with confidence.


Talview is the fastest way to hire for enterprise employers across the globe. Its Insta-hiring Platform makes this possible through a combination of three techniques- automation of routine tasks, enabling anytime-anywhere processes and capturing & reusing data across the hiring process. This is enabled by our AI-enabled video interviewing, cognitive remote proctoring and advanced assessment solutions, that leverage the best in class NLP, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Video Analytics capabilities.

The Talent Games

The Talent Games make recruitment games (AI-driven online gamified assessments) to enable organizations to conduct large volume recruitment.


Veremark is an automated reference and background checking process that saves your team time and money on every hire. It is an automated, scalable and truly global background checking platform that will transform the way your business onboards candidates.

Vita Verify

Vita Verify is a platform assessing human potential through an integration of test, reference check and 360.


Founded in 2010, Wantedly is a Tokyo-founded technology company helping talents discover jobs that ignite passions. We’ve built a social recruitment platform, where people and companies meet based on passion and values, rather than salary and benefits.


Xobin is a completely Cloud-based Pre-Employment Assessment and Talent Assessment Platform.

With Over 500+ Pre Built Tests, Psychometric Tests and Video Interviews and 1-click shortlisting, Xobin remove the grunt work in your recruitment efforts while providing you with all the data you need to make a hiring decision.


Enhanced candidate pre-screening through patented AI algorithms, minimizing errors and enhancing objectivity in hiring.


Zappyhire is an intelligent recruitment platform that empowers businesses to hire the best talent fast without changing their existing hiring process and boosting candidate experience.

Talent Analytics


EngageRocket is APAC’s fastest-growing people analytics provider that helps leaders and organisations make better people decisions using real-time data. EngageRocket automates employee feedback and analytics to deliver powerful management insight that improves employee engagement and performance.


Pulsifi helps you improve accuracy and efficiency in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, leveraging Predictive Analytics and AI.

Talent Development


ArcLab is a mobile learning SaaS platform. They empower organisations to create effective training and digital performance support materials for employees to access on their mobile devices. No software installation or download needed.


Disprz is an AI-powered skills and capability building suite, helping enterprises unlock business potential by enabling organisation-wide skilling initiatives. They leverage the combined power of AI, cloud and mobile to help organisations identify and benchmark themselves against trending skills required in their industry, create impactful learning pathways for bridging skill gaps, and help drive learning adoption to facilitate capability building.


Enabley is a SaaS training platform that is specially designed to meet the needs of customer-facing teams (internal and external) and positively impact the bottom line of any business, by leveraging innovative training technologies. Enabley utilizes advanced technologies such as AI, Natural Language Processing technology, microlearning methods and advanced measurement algorithms to make training creation and delivery fast, easy and intuitive for everyone.


Epitome is a talent technology company with multiple products serving individuals, educational institutions, enterprises and governments.


imc focuses on supporting organisations where learning is key to the business performance and viability, beyond a feel-good measure and a nice-to-have. Their learning management system, imc Learning Suite, can be perfectly adapted to any learning scenario and smoothly integrated into any ecosystem.


JobKred is a data-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) company that builds software to empower organisations to develop Agile and Future-Ready Workforces. They have worked with enterprises and nations to maximise the potential of their Human Capital through next-gen Competency Management.


Mercer | Mettl offers online proctored assessments to assess talent holistically for organizations.


Used by over 30M people worldwide, Powtoon’s all-in-one visual communication platform empowers individuals, teams, and enterprises to transform complex and scattered information into powerful videos and visual content with a professional look and feel. Powtoon’s collaborative platform makes visual communication easy to create, simple to manage, and quick to distribute. 


UpLevel upskills your teams with data science projects, from beginner visualization tasks to advanced deep learning projects. The projects are carefully designed to help existing learners experience a full project cycle, from data collection to data cleaning to machine/deep learning modelling.

Talent Engagement


Modern performance management software built for the future of work


Fitbots is a Full Stack OKR Company with coaching, software & certification helping you drive business velocity


Joye is the world’s first voice-enabled user experience to weave mental health into every employee’s digital lifestyle. Joye’s AI is trained to recognise your unique situation with extreme privacy, and it will guide you to the right care at the right time. These suggestions include mood analytics, and contextual behaviour tips and bite-sized podcasts.


Mesh is a social performance management platform for modern companies that makes it easy for employees to accomplish goals, get timely feedback and share experiences, especially in distributed teams.


Personifwy is an advanced analytics-based, real-time workforce engagement platform, that enables organizations to deliver (1) a Data-Driven Personalized Engagement in Real-Time and (2) a Personalized Platform for candidates & employees to enable individuals’ awareness and growth. provides an enterprise-class OKR & Performance Management Software for companies to define, manage and execute their goals.

UKG HR Service Delivery

UKG’s HR Service Delivery platform(formerly PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software) provides consumer-level experiences to your people through contextualised, user-friendly technology. Integrating with your HRIS, their software makes it easy for HR teams to automate almost any manual process, respond to employee requests, and actively manage all related employee documents– all within a platform built to mitigate security risks and reduce compliance headaches.


Qualee Technology delivers a highly customisable employee experience solution for the pre-boarding, onboarding, micro-learning, engagement and off-boarding of staff, through a cloud-hosted, native mobile app. The company’s proprietary self-service, digital platform streamlines procedures and provides clients with the ability to securely create employee experiences that measurably improve employer familiarisation and employee engagement.


Be it to engage employees, provide super flexible benefits, boost wellness, incentivise sales teams and B2B/channel partners, or build customer loyalty, Rewardz creates change through positive reinforcement and gamification. Backed by Japan’s Benefit one, Rewardz remains focused on its vision of building globally relevant one-stop engagement and wellness platforms, namely CERRA and Flabuless, earning it coveted awards in this space. Rewardz also offers CERRA Flex, a super flex benefits solution and complements all engagement initiatives with its rich digital reward marketplace offering named SPUR.

Safe Space

Safe Space™ provides organizations with the resources and therapeutic solutions that they need to keep their employees happy, healthy, and productive. They deliver a comprehensive suite of mental wellness solutions to support organizations and employees to overcome their emotional obstacles.


Synergita is a cloud-based, Continuous Employee Performance Management, Development & Employee Engagement Software that creates an extraordinary culture where employees unleash their potential, set new standards of excellence, and create wonders. They call it peopleMAGIC. Synergita is simple, intuitive, and easy to use with little or no training.

Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is the world’s largest, most comprehensive digital health, wellbeing and engagement company. Founded as part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, the company is focused on helping employees achieve better health outcomes.

Talent Operations

Biotemp by TimeCentral

Biotemp is a CONTACTLESS Trace Together Scanning + Temperature Screening + Facial Recognition Attendance.


CICO is a new-age mobile app to replace commonly-touched hardware devices for time capturing and to enable operational decision-making using real-time CI-CO data and intelligent alerts.


Workmate helps clients with a blue-collar workforce automate the process of getting the right workers with the right skills, to the right place at the right time. Their workforce management platform maximizes worker attendance, productivity and retention and leverages performance data to recommend the best workers to hire from their integrated worker network. 

Talent Planning


The market leading offering developed in Germany by HRForecast is focused on helping companies understand future business / workforce requirements and seamlessly act upon this knowledge. Solutions are delivered through 3 distinct modules, following the principles of Know the future, Plan the future and Build the future

Talent Rewards


Compport is a cloud-based compensation management solution, which helps businesses manage processes related to human resources (HR) through reward programs, staff surveys, talent analytics, and more. Firms can use real-time simulation to review salaries before delivering incentives to employees to improve workforce productivity.


Reimburse is a simplified yet powerful mobile and web-based Travel & Expense (T&E) Management Solution that bridges Travel, Claims, HR, & the Finance Departments.


Thanks by O.C. Tanner is a cloud-based, SaaS platform that helps companies set up world-class, social recognition programs in a fast, easy, and simple way. With Thanks, employees are enabled to appreciate anyone, anywhere and redeem personalised rewards while on the go.


GetPaid is a voluntary employee benefit that provides early access to their hard-earned wages. Early access to earned wages means more financial flexibilities for your employees.

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