Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2020

The 4th version of Singapore HR Tech Market Map is finally ready.

For those who are new, I started this back in 2017 when I came across something similar from CBInsights.

Attempts to find an Asian and Singapore version ended up in failure.

So I did what any crazy person would do, I map out the landscape myself.

But it wasn’t a solo effort – many HR tech founders gave me names of other HR Techs I never heard of.

Quickly, that list grew and it went viral.

This year, cooperation came in the form of who really did most of the work. Kudos to them.

And we actually started with more than 200 names but decided to prune it with new qualifiers such as a min headcount size of 7 and/or local offices.

A few of them may fall short of these but we decided to add them in as we feel they have the potential to make a difference to the HR community.

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