Singapore HR Tech Market Map 2019

2019 is priming up to be an exciting year for HR Techs in Singapore.

When I first started the map, there was less than half of what I am seeing today.

And this is in spite of a handful of them shutting down.

There are also more entries that come from overseas as everybody aims to leverage the business-friendly environment and use it as a springboard into the Southeast Asia market.

From the creative angle, there are also changes to the approach.

One, the categories have been streamlined to better accommodate the larger number of HR Tech vendors. Primarily, there are seven main categories:

  1. Talent Analytics
  2. Talent Development
  3. Talent Operations
  4. Talent Engagement
  5. Talent Acquisition
  6. HRMS
  7. Talent Rewards

There are sub-categories within (for example) Talent Acquisitions to better differentiate聽a chatbot screening platform vis-a-vis a job board.

Two, there are obviously more HR Techs than before and one reason is the criteria in admitting them onto the list is much more consistent and very much achievable.

As long as the organisation is serving (or has an office in) Singapore, they are included. And there is no age restriction so a veteran like JobsDB is on the map, alongside with Hireplace that started this year.

Lastly, this map is co-created with

They are a Singapore-headquartered HRTech Advisory firm that helps enterprise clients match to the right HRTech solutions.

And with a domain like that (even if they are an F&B company), it is hard not to partner with them.

Here are the 160+ HR Tech vendors that will be coming to your office neighbourhood real soon.

HR Tech Market Map Singapore 2019
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