Guest Blogging Guidelines

I currently accept guest posts but keep in mind that I am very picky about their quality. Since I prefer quality > quantity, I will not post an average piece of content that could be found everywhere across the internet.

Please take time to review this whole page, which should answer questions about the content I am looking for and the submission process.

Essential things for every guest post

First of all, you need to know the acceptable blog topics:

  • Future of Work
  • HR Tech
  • Work Tech
  • Productivity Tools
  • Human Resources
  • And similar topics.

I don’t accept unrelated topics.

Here are a few things I look for before publishing every guest post.

  • Content may not contain advertising. I only accept guest posts, which are written based on reliable data, sources, and those that are interesting to readers.
  • Original content and high-quality writing.
  • I don’t accept links to landing pages in the content body, except for author BIO, where you can include a link to your website homepage or another landing page.
  • You can insert up to 2 source links in the content body.

What I won’t accept

  • Content that has been published previously. If you want to check that, you need to insert to Google Search “ topic name”
  • Duplicated content.
  • Offensive and aggressive content.

Content checklist

  • At least 1200 words, preferably more.
  • The title must be clear and describe the topic well, consider working with brackets [] and ().
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs.
  • There MUST be a short description of an article. Length – up to 55 characters after the title.
  • The article needs to be separated into several titles and subtitles, which help the reader to orientate in that specific article.
  • Articles need to be in paragraphs (separated evenly) for better readability.
  • Provide a featured image of width 800px. Additional images per section are required.
  • Videos/presentations/infographics/gifs are welcomed.
  • Use different content – discussions, quotes, tweets, (pricing) tables, graphs.
  • Use different formatting options: strong text, bullet points, numbered text.
  • In-text use tips, statistics, or any other interesting facts.
  • Lists are working well (e.g., 10 tips for exercise).
  • There are no grammar mistakes in the article.
  • You have your bio ready and looking forward to the post coming live. 🙂