This is the 1st ever meet up event exclusively for HR Tech folks. The purpose of this event is to have HR Techs to come together, get to know each other, and seriously explore collaborations and position yourself as a holistic solution to the buyers instead of being viewed as another login to solve one pain point.

Date:October 26, 2017
Time:13:00 - 17:00
Event:Singapore HR Tech Meetup #1
Venue: NUSS Suntec City Guild House
Registration:Click here to register.
More Info:Click here for more information.

What to Expect from HR Technology in 2018

Gemma Reeves is a seasoned writer who enjoys creating helpful articles and interesting stories. She has worked with several clients across different industries such as advertising, online marketing, technology, healthcare, family matters, and more. She is also an aspiring entrepreneur who is engaged in assisting other aspiring entrepreneurs in finding the best office space for their business.Check out her company here: FindMyWorkspace

Predicting trends can only go two ways, either you hit or you miss.

[Podcast] Interview with Sam Neo

Founder of People Mentality

Based in Singapore, Sam is the founder of People Mentality Inc, an HR start-up founded in 2017 to instil a people-centric mindset in leaders and organisations.

Before this, he was serving at Changi Airport Group’s People Team as a Business Partner and Scholarship Engagement Officer.

With over five years of accelerated HR experience in market leading companies such as Keppel Corporation and Changi Airport Group, his burning passion for HR has seen him take on a diverse range of roles in his young career including Talent Management, Business Partnership, Talent Acquisition, Corporate Social Responsibility and Staff Engagement among others.

Chatbot Recruitment via Facebook Messenger

Interview with Ashwin Tiwari, Founder of Steve.Sg, a Singapore-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup has launched a “hyper-personalized” jobs marketplace to solve global job woes, starting with Singapore.

The marketplace connects people to jobs through a personalised and inspiring way by leveraging machine learning and financial market dynamics.

The marketplace is designed as a jobs coach for job seekers and jobs assistant for businesses, tapping into today’s appetite for instantaneous personalised feedback.

HR Terminology explained

This is a guest post by Laura Carter. She works within a recruitment consultancy with a specialist focus on social recruitment, helping to organise company team building events for the organisations she works with. She writes about advice on everything from task management to public speaking and how to build relationships within the industry.

GrabJobs Job Interview Chat Bot

The first in South East Asia

We’ve seen the rise of chat bots for functions such as customer service and e-commerce.

Now get ready to be interviewed by a chat bot for your next job!

GrabJobs becomes the first company in South East Asia to roll out a bot on its mobile jobs platform that conducts automated pre-screening interviews through chat.

The Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in HR

This is a guest post by Marcus Turner-Jones. He graduated from Economics at the University of Sheffield before going on to work as a Market Analyst. He now writes freelance and spends time between his hometown of Harrogate and Buenos Aires.

With the rapid growth of technology many industries have had to change with the times, and Human Resources is no different.

Find The Right People Faster

Review of Snovio

In the world of increasing connectivity, it remains incredibly frustrating hard to find someone’s corporate email address.

Be it to link up with old work pals, recruiting or prospecting, getting the email address is key to getting your message across.

There are many tools available in the market that do just that.

[Podcast] Interview with Alexandra Lamb

Founder of Ka-Bloom Group

Alexandra has more than 14 years of extensive experience in coaching & human capital consulting across Asia Pacific.

Before she started her own practice, the Ka-Bloom Group, she spent more than 7 years with Korn Ferry in various roles.

Her work includes collaborating with high-growth companies in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and ANZ, helping them to deliver programs across the full talent lifecycle.

[Podcast] Interview with Cilia Rasasegram

Chief Experience Officer at The Employee Experience Project

With 17 years of experience in human resources, Cilia Rasasegram specializes in startups, SMEs and companies in turnaround or transformation, covering Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

She was previously the General Manager of People and Culture of iCar Asia, the owner of ASEAN’s largest network of automotive websites.

Before that, Cilia was the Head of People and Culture for Tune Protect where she grew the company from 11 employees to 500 in just over 4 years with the company.