The Workplace Tremors and Aftershocks: How TechHR Singapore 2023 Can Help You Find Your Footing

The ground beneath our feet has been shuddering from seismic shifts in the work landscape.

Change has always been a constant, but the pace today feels dizzying.

TechHR Singapore 2023 is a GPS for navigating this uncertain terrain.

Not long ago, offices stood on bedrock foundations – set hours, business formal attire, in-person collaboration.

Then COVID hit, triggering a massive workplace earthquake.

Its epicentre was remote work. 

Shockwaves forced the tectonic plates of how we work to shift almost overnight.

The initial phase felt exciting.

Trading suits and long commutes for PJs and no commute.

But endless Zoom calls soon led to WFH fatigue and burnout.

Employees felt adrift and isolated.

Leaders struggled to instil culture remotely.

After the initial novel thrills, problems emerged.

Studies found collaboration and innovation declined.

Now the precarious return to offices is underway, but the terrain looks completely different.

Employees resist shuffling back to morning rush hours and stifling office attire after a taste of flexibility.

They feel the emotional toll of prolonged social isolation.

Offices take on an unfamiliar new dynamic with hybrid policies, masks, and distancing.

Neither fully remote nor fully in-person.

Even more powerful forces rumble beneath the surface.

The Great Resignation has employees re-evaluating their priorities and seeking meaning, purpose, and balance.

Record numbers are quitting, emboldened to demand better conditions.

Quiet quitting has workers rejecting hustle culture’s relentless grind.

They’re doing the minimum, reclaiming personal lives sacrificed at work’s altar.

These underlying forces can spawn aftershocks at any moment.

Layoffs at titans like Google and Microsoft rattle faith in job security.

Recession worries spark unease.

Change is the new normal. The ground keeps shifting under our feet.

Business leaders used to certainty feel off-kilter.

How do we support employees dealing with isolation, change fatigue and insecurity?

How do we forge culture remotely?

Get back to peak collaboration and innovation?

Retain top talent amidst The Great Resignation?

Motivate employees to embrace quiet quitting?

The seismic workplace shifts can feel disorienting and overwhelming.

But take heart – help is on the horizon at TechHR Singapore 2023. By participating in Asia’s premier HR event on August 24th, you’ll gain insights to steady your footing:

  1. Skill up like a workplace ninja 🥷 at masterclasses by industry experts. Learn the art of leadership from Jacob Morgan and explore the “Never Normal” era with Peter Hinssen.

  2. Nerd out on cool HR tech 🤓 and experience hands-on demos of innovative solutions to bring back to your organization.

  3. Geek out on hot topics from AI in HR to remote work, diversity in the digital age, and more. With 60+ sessions, they’ve got you covered on the latest and greatest.

  4. Expand your network with 1,600+ passionate HR heroes. Make connections that will help you transform people and work. State-of-the-art humans meet a workplace revolution!

  5. Get inspired by 90+ rad speakers like Spotify’s Michael Kim and Gojek’s Herman Cahyadi. Their stories and insights will leave you buzzing with new ideas!

  6. Unconventional wisdom awaits you in unconference sessions, brain dates, drum cafes, talk shows and more. Shake things up and spark creativity.

  7. Break free from old thinking patterns with experiential workshops on design thinking and systemic constellations. Open up new possibilities!

  8. Peek behind the curtain at leading innovators like GovTech, Mandai Wildlife and Micron. See groundbreaking HR tech and people practices in action.

  9. FOMO no mo’ – when you attend TechHR Singapore 2023, you’ll be up to speed on all things the future of work. No more scrolling jealous through pics of the events you missed out on!

  10. Return to work recharged, re-inspired and loaded with fresh insights and ideas. Be the hero who brings a bold vision and innovative solutions back to the office!

The ground is moving under our feet.

Disruption is the new normal.

But with the right map and compass, we can traverse this unfamiliar terrain.

Chart a wise route forward.

And discover unimagined opportunities these tremors reveal.

Don’t get left behind.

Secure your place at the premier event to gain your bearings in this new world of work.

Register today for TechHR Singapore 2023.

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