Why Phuket Should Be Your Next Company Retreat Destination

After a full year of hard work, your employees are probably exhausted, and definitely deserve a break.

It is important to make sure that they’re appreciated for their efforts, and company trips are often a good way to do so.

Not only do you get to reward your employees, you also get to do some bonding in the process, and build a stronger team.

After all, happy employees will lead to higher productivity and a better work environment.

This year, instead of settling for the usual locations such as Sentosa, why not consider something a little further, and try Phuket?

I give you 3 reasons why this island is the perfect destination for your next company retreat.

  1. Indulgence Without the Hefty Price Tag

Hotels are expensive in Singapore, that’s a fact we’re all aware of.

But did you know that for the price of a one night stay in some of our top hotels, you can rent a villa in Phuket?

Unlike hotel rooms where the scenery is usually limited, many villas offer stunning views of the sea.

With the benefits of privacy, your own personal swimming pool, and housekeeping services, your staff will get to enjoy their stay in luxurious surroundings.

Some villas are also located close to beaches, which makes it convenient for you to plan your outdoor activities.

To make your search easier, try Villa Getaways, a site dedicated to helping you find the perfect villas.

Just choose the dates, and the site will narrow down a list of choices, providing detailed information to assist you with your decisions.

However, luxury is not just restricted to accommodation.

You can also treat your staff to a relaxing massage from head to toe, where they’ll get to enjoy being pampered in beautiful surroundings after a full day of outdoor activities and shopping. Banyan Tree Spa Phuket and Mandara Spa at JW Marriott both offer a wide range of treatments, from massages to body scrubs and even facials.

Villa 404 from Villa Getaways on Vimeo.

  1. Discover the Surrounding Islands

Think your team will be bored staying at Phuket alone? That’s highly unlikely, thanks to the numerous islands nearby.

Take a day trip to Phang Nga Bay with your staff, and discover the famous ‘James Bond Island’.

Popular with tourists, the island is well known as the place where the movie ‘The Man With the Golden Gun’ was filmed.

You can also stop by the Bat Cave and admire the stalactites, with thousands of bats hanging from the top.

Alternatively, take your employees on a tour to Phi Phi Islands.

Visit the wild monkeys at Monkey Beach, and do some sightseeing at Maya Bay or Bamboo Island.

If all of you are game for it, take a swim at Pileh Lagoon, and go for snorkeling at Loh Samah Bay.

When it comes to island visits, it’s better to leave it in the hands of the locals, who’re experienced in organizing tours.

You can book your tours in advance online, or if you prefer booking it personally, take a trip out to town, where you’re bound to find dozens of shops offering tours scattered around.

  1. Team Building Through Exciting Activities

Company retreats aren’t just to reward your employees, they’re also a good way to forge stronger bonds within your team.

Phuket offers exciting activities that can help you out with that.

Thai cuisine is delicious, and with a variety of options from street food to restaurants, you’re often spoilt for choice.

But instead of just eating, why not get your employees to cook their own dishes as well?

Not only can they bond together, but they may also pick up a skill to bring home.

The Blue Elephant Cooking School offers corporate classes with a focus on team building.

Through four challenges, the participants will get to work on their analytical skills, endurance, creativity and culinary drive.

After all the hard work, the teams will be judged based on their dishes, before rounding off with a lunch or dinner.

If your employees are more competitive, there are land activities such as ATV, paintball, go-kart, and even archery.

These not only help to build team spirit, but also improve the team’s morale.

Otherwise, bring out their adventurous spirit by planning water activities, such as white water rafting, parasailing and kite surfing!

A good place to visit would be Patong, where most of these activities are available.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more relaxing for your team, you can consider arranging a yoga and meditation session.

After all the stress at work, this is a great way for them to take a break, as well as improve their memory, productivity, and emotional health.

Coral Seekers provides guided sessions, with various durations depending on your requirements.


After such immersive experience, you won’t be surprised the next question people have is: how to obtain a long term visa for Thailand?

Forget the ordinary company retreats that will bore your employees, and take them out for an exciting trip to be remembered.

They’ll thank you for it with a boost in their productivity and morale once they’re back!

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