The resume that speaks

Goodbye text CVs, Hello video CVs. is a new service launched this month that empowers job seekers with the ability to create video CVs, especially giving those devastated by the global pandemic an advantage when competing for a new job.


What is a video CV?

A video CV is a convenient and modern resume format that allows a candidate to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper CV or resume.

The video CV helps a prospective employer to see and hear applicants, and to get a feeling of how applicants present themselves.

The traditional paper CV alone cannot give a recruiter a complete picture, but together with a video CV, a candidate has the opportunity to make an effective self-presentation, helping one to highlight their advantages.

This makes evaluation of a candidate easier and more interesting.

It helps candidates and students in their job and internship search and it helps companies to employ people remotely by giving employers a better sense of who the person behind the resume is because it makes you feel connected to the person in the absence of an in-person meeting.

Using the platform, a job applicant records a short video at home.

Then, he or she gets a link and shares it with potential employers on social media, job boards, email, and career portals.

The platform allows the candidate to give several short answers – like Instagram stories.

In addition, s/he can add a resume, links to social media, a cover letter and whatever.

A video resume is a convenient format that speeds up the recruitment process and saves everyone鈥檚 time, both the applicants and HR managers.

For example, no need for a candidate to travel to a meeting or even spend time on zoom call if there is no 100% fit.

Two minutes of recorded video resume saves a candidate several hours on scheduling and visiting interviews.


About the company

VCV is a fully automated recruiting platform to test candidates, collect feedback, make online interviews, onboard employees and boost one鈥檚 corporate brand.

In addition to, the company also operates a job landing page creation service, VCV Pages (, which was launched in early April 2020.

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