Revolut allows employees to work from abroad up to 60 days a year, as part of its hybrid working policy

Revolut, the global financial platform with over 15 million customers worldwide, has announced that it will allow its more than 2,000 employees to work from abroad up to 60 days a year, the latest step in its commitment to promoting agile working.

Once travel restrictions ease – and only in line with the guidelines from national health authorities – Revolut employees can apply to temporarily work from a different location to their employment country for personal and non-business related reasons.

The company studied applicable corporate tax, immigration, income tax and social security regulations to create a policy that’s as beneficial and convenient as possible for employees.

The new policy was launched to enable the company’s widely international workforce’s requests to visit families more often and/or for longer periods.

For employees who want to sample what life is like as a digital nomad, this policy will give them the chance to work from a different locale.

These 60 days do not count towards an employee’s annual leave quota.

Once countries start to lift travel restrictions or slowly move away from lockdowns, after a year behind closed doors, we believe this new policy will be a huge success among Revoluters. As we’re eliminating frontiers within financial services, it made sense to align our internal policy with our product mission. Our employees asked for flexibility and that’s what we’re giving them as part of our ongoing focus on employee experience and choice.

Jim MacDougall, VP of People at Revolut

New real estate strategy announced this year

This new policy is part of Revolut’s wider strategy towards more flexible working. In February 2021, Revolut announced a move towards a hybrid model, supported by an innovative RevLabs real estate strategy to repurpose all its offices as flexible collaborative spaces.

In response to employees’ clearly expressed preferences, Revolut now enables the vast majority of its 2,000+ employees to choose when and how often they would like to work from home or visit the workplace.

This new hybrid model in place is a pilot and should be fully implemented by the end of the year.

Revolut’s internal surveys show that its employees have responded positively to remote working – over 56% would prefer to work from home between 4 and 2 times a week, while 36% would like a 100% remote policy.

Only 2% of all respondents would prefer to work from the office every day. 95% of Revolut employees responding to the surveys consider that working from home didn’t impact personal productivity or the change was positive, same for team performance, with 97% mentioning no change or positive change.

Team collaboration was also unchanged or the change was positive according to 89% of respondents.

Revolut has been focusing relentlessly on its goal to build the world’s first truly global financial super app, growing its customer base in 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021.

Revolut also kept its focus on hiring exceptional talent, with greater flexibility in a location allowing the company the ability to build increasingly borderless teams and to offer career opportunities to a far wider range of talented people.

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