IHRP Tech Talk Series Webinar 2 – Leveraging HR Tech to create best in class “Candidate Experience

Engagement is not an aspect that organisations should focus after a Candidate joins.

It should start right from the time a Candidate shows interest in joining the organisation.

To enable organisations in this endeavour to enhance the “Candidate Experience”, there is an urgent need for HR and Talent Acquisition teams to adopt technology in a big way.

Adopting best-in-class technology to the recruitment process adds value to the organisation’s “employer brand” and enhances positive candidate experience.

There are varied tech solutions for every step of the hiring process, and employers can leverage them to make the entire process effectively seamless and create a personalised experience.

The webinar will seek to address the following questions:

  • What are the various technology tools available during the TA process?
  • How do I remotely shortlist applicants in an employer’s market such as now?
  • How can we create a positive and personalised experience for candidates?
  • How can companies ensure fair consideration to locals to help develop a Singaporean core?
  • How to ensure backgrounds checks are thorough to mitigate potential risks of negligent hiring/resume fraud?

Date: August 28, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM +08

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