Hong Kong HR Tech Market Map 2018

In collaboration with HR Digital Today, I am pleased to share with you our HR Tech Market Map that covers Hong Kong market.

HR Digital Today is an HR tech hub and news information portal, connecting entrepreneurs, investors and HR decision makers.

They focus on the booming HR tech scene in Asia Pacific, from Australia to India.

And here are the 30+ HR Tech that are disrupting the market in Hong Kong.

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Recruitment / Sourcing


EquitySim envisions a merit-based hiring marketplace where employers find the best candidates to fulfill their missions. The company’s online simulation-based recruiting platform identifies top talent for financial services firms providing an objective and holistic data-driven approach powered by artificial intelligence.

URL: https://www.equitysim.com/


Haneo has two ranges of products: games based assessments which analyse employees or candidates natural behaviour and fitness for a role or a company, and games based learning products to train corporate soft skills to employees such as leadership and team management, time management and personal productivity, negotiations, customer service, etc. all this through video/mobile games.


Weesper help companies to reach the best candidates on the market by connecting them to a community of hand-picked referrers. They provide our clients with a platform to effortlessly post their recruitment brief and set up a mission reward.


Workhiro is the simplest way to manage job applicants and stay on top of your recruiting efforts. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and scattered documents.

URL: https://www.workhiro.com/


A cloud-based comprehensive recruitment system for both job-seekers and employers

URL: https://www.i2hk.com/recruitment-system/

Flexible Hiring



GoGenie is the only workforce management software in Asia that makes “on-demand” work possible for customer-facing industries like retail, dining, hospitality and entertainment. This helps to solve problems of understaffing and low productivity. It ensures there is always someone present for your customers. The GoGenie Scheduling software enables you to create optimal shift schedule for your business, publish available shifts to your workforce, and measure your labor costs all in one place.


JOBDOH is an award winning-hiring platform that connects employers with on-demand and temporary workers quickly.  The platform is 95X faster than the market average in fulfilling jobs, setting a record from job posting to arrival to under 60 minutes. While their proprietary algorithm enables clients to receive the most suitable, pre-rated candidates, candidates benefit from an increased flexibility to earn extra income quickly as well as an improved upward mobility through the transparent record keeping system.

URL: https://page.jobdoh.com/


Get job postings in just a few short steps with Jobpedia, instantly notify large numbers of potential employees and recruit the right people, minus the hassles. Their platform can handle the entire recruitment and hiring process, from offer to arrangement of contract, as well as the calculation of wages and food.

Retired Not Out

Retired Not Out is a Hong Kong based job marketplace that connects organisations with experienced and skilled retired professionals on an on-demand basis for part-time projects, consulting assignments, advisory roles, teaching and volunteering services.

URL: http://www.retirednotout.com


A Hong Kong based staffing and recruiting firm dedicated to providing companies with high caliber talent for contract or project based work assignments.

URL: https://www.pivot.com.hk/


LaborMe is the brainchild of two long-time friends and serial entrepreneurs who, like many of us, were frustrated by the lack of immediate labor in the market.

The goal is to reshape the labor landscape; filling labor shortage gaps by breaking traditional methods of how services are being obtained and provided. 

URL: http://labormeapp.com/


Freehunter is a platform for freelancers in Hong Kong.

URL: https://freehunter.hk/

Tech Hiring


Canopy is a platform that gives people a better way to land their next role by using advanced algorithms to unleash the power of referrals.

Terminal 1

T1 is a recruiting firm of programmers, data scientists, and product developers that can offer guidance on your long term career plan, not just your next job.

URL: https://my.tty1.co/


HydRa’s service is to capture profiles of talented IT people and align them with IT companies looking to hire smart staff. This is achieved by matching job profiles with the profile of the Talent who could be potentially hired. It’s fast, efficient, and saves you a huge amount of time and money – while capturing the best people for the job.

URL: https://www.hydrajobs.net/index.php

Job Board / Marketplace


Discover and apply to the latest jobs in Hong Kong. Advance your chosen career, learn more about the job market and experience a better job search.

URL: https://www.jobable.com/


Vanna’s platform is focused on millennials (0-10 years’ experience), who behave like consumers rather than job seekers when looking for work. They help employer to articulate their employer brand in way that resonates with modern professionals, leveraging compelling visuals that tell a story.

URL: https://vanna.com


Noodlesntonic contribute to Hong Kong creative community, support local freelance designers and provide a platform where they can connect with brands and businesses around the region. Their purpose is also to help entrepreneurs hire the right creative talents to get their projects off the ground.


Wantedly is a Tokyo-based startup founded in 2010, with the mission to create a world where work meets passion. They do this by connecting like-minded companies and talents based on passion and interest, rather than pay and benefits. Currently with over 22,000 companies onboard and 1.5-mil monthly active users in Japan, they had since launched in Singapore and now they are in Hong Kong!

URL: https://hk.wantedly.com/


HelperPlace is a social platform connecting Domestic Helpers and Employers. Looking for a Helper in Hong Kong or in Singapore? More than 50,000 helpers are using freely HelperPlace to find a new employer. Freely ? Yes, HelperPlace is totally free for all the domestic helpers.

URL: https://www.helperplace.com/

Helper Direct

Helper Direct is an online matching platform which provides a channel for domestic helper job applicants to promote themselves to potential employers.

URL: http://www.myhelperdirect.com/


Smartcasual@Work built a open-for-meeting community for professionals, where employers can find professionals who they can meet in next 3 days with suggested time and location pre-arranged. So all employers have to think is “what to wear for the meeting”

URL: https://www.smartcasual.co/


jobsDB is a part of SEEK Asia, which is the leading online employment market place in Asia. SEEK Asia covers 7 countries namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

URL: https://hk.jobsdb.com/hk

People Analytics


gweek is cognitive technology for human communication and presentation skills, powered by Speech Intelligence Analytics™.

URL: https://gweekspeech.com/

Graduate Hiring


Freshlinker provides today’s outstanding graduates with an informative, experienced, one-stop podium of deep industry knowledge, and linking them to the dynamic world of work.

URL: https://freshlinker.com/

Screening / Vetting


Started in Hong Kong, Talkpush is now based in San Francisco. Founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur Max Armbruster, Talkpush is being used by customers in over a dozen countries, with its recruitment chatbot processing over a million candidates every year.

URL: https://talkpush.com/


HKHR started in 2011 as a disrupter to the traditional retained search model. With heavy investment in research and technology, they are moving into the HR tech space starting with The Pod, a pop-up candidate screening station which can be deployed anywhere and provides a controlled environment.

Learning & Development


Coach Connector is a game changing tool with a lofty mission. It harnesses technology to save time on planning, travelling and managing coaching. It has a 100% satisfaction guarantee of coach quality and client satisfaction – one of the very best in the industry.

URL: http://coachconnector.com/



FastLane HR provides companies from MNC to startup with their suite of solutions in payroll and HR.

URL: http://fastlanehr.hk/


Talenox is a Human Resource Management platform on the cloud. Simply log in securely with a working internet connection and and manage your HR tasks effortlessly.

URL: https://www.talenox.com/

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