Gnowbe launches microlearning platform, GnowbeLearnTM, offers upskilling through an experiential journey

Leading edtech brand Gnowbe launched the world’s first experiential-based microlearning library in Singapore.

The subscription library comprises hundreds of specialised microlearning courses (MLCs) with over 30,000 microlearning actions from world-class experts, with more being added monthly to provide Singaporeans with a wide range of options to build their knowledge and most importantly, skills.

Both a mobile app and web product, GnowbeLearnTM is designed to empower busy Singaporeans to learn future-ready skills in just 10 minutes a day, anytime, anywhere.

Upon completion, learners will earn digital certificates to boost on-the-job performance and employability.

The courses offered include business management, digital marketing, data analytics and other industry-specific courses that are relevant to the changing needs of the modern economy.

With the acceleration of online learning and upskilling, we saw the need for a product like GnowbeLearnTM to help make learning easier. We believe everyone can learn something new every day right from their phones. Most importantly, social, gamified learning helps people retain longer and deepen understanding of the topics. Our partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore allows us to make GnowbeLearnTM easily accessible to all Singaporeans.

Ms So-Young Kang, CEO of Gnowbe,

Microlearning to upskill effectively

Unlike traditional Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), GnowbeLearnTM presents users with an experiential learning journey that is not just about videos.

GnowbeLearn™’s MLCs are multi-media and are designed to be engaging, effective and social. Beyond bite-sized content, microlearning on GnowbeLearnTM allows learners to reinforce knowledge through practice, application and assessment.

Research shows that microlearning also reduces the potential for mental fatigue by alternating between focusing and taking breaks.

Built on a proprietary research-backed approach called ‘Know-Think-Apply-Share’, Gnowbe helps learners to acquire knowledge, encourage reflection on learnings and subsequently, apply and share them with others.

Through this launch, learners can access over 300 premium microlearning courses (MLCs) produced by industry experts such as Mercer and NEXLeaders and from Singapore’s top higher learning institutions such as Nanyang Technological University and Temasek Polytechnic and many more.

Selected courses also offer exemptions to diploma programmes, helping Singaporeans to fast-track their upskilling journey.

The courses include a wide variety of microlearning actions using activities like polls, leaderboards and multiple-choice questions to facilitate knowledge retention and skill acquisition at every session.

Learners can also participate in shared learning experiences by networking and collaborating with fellow professionals through the platform’s groupboard.

SkillsFuture Singapore is constantly looking out for new and innovative modes of delivery for adult learning and training. We are happy to collaborate with partners like Gnowbe to provide Singaporeans with even more options for their journey of lifelong learning.

Mr Ong Tze-Ch’in, Chief Executive of SkillsFuture Singapore,

Helping Singaporeans with career and personal development

To make learning more affordable and accessible, the annual subscription starts from as low as SGD$11.67 per month, working out to be SGD$139.99 per year, which Singaporeans can fully offset with their SkillsFuture Credit. 

In support of our nation’s drive towards a more resilient economy, the launch is also supported by strategic partners such as the National Youth Council and leading local career portals such as FastJobs, INTERNSG and Wantedly Singapore to promote lifelong learning and job discovery through career resources and industry-specific webinars.

The strength and synergy among higher learning institutions, career portals and community organisations would be vital in sustaining the ecosystem of adult learning and producing an agile and competent workforce for the future of work. 

To find out more, visit GnowbeLearnTM.

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