GetLinks Launches Free Job Posts and Free Trial

Bangkok, 11 July 2019 – Djoann Fal, CEO of GetLinks, announced new features that help organizations make tech hiring predictable, and they are free to try out.

GetLinksā€™ research has shown that employer branding plays a crucial role in tech hiring, yet often overlooked.

Thatā€™s why they introduced new features to help companies show off what really matters to tech candidates: tech stack, growth opportunities, projects, and testimonials.

Company profiles are now designed to go beyond the job description and leverage the employer brand to get the top tech talent.

ā€œ With GetLinks Hiring Credits, companies will have access to features that make hiring smarter, more predictable, and more flexible.ā€ – Djoann Fal.

Making Hiring Smarter

Replacing searching with matching. GetLinks claimsĀ to significantly reduce to hire with their intelligent matching algorithm.

GetLinks uses Artificial Intelligence to curate a list of qualified candidates for an open position, so companies are instantly matched with the most suitable candidates for the job.

To reduce the impact of bias on hiring decisions, they also to mask the photos of candidates until the actual match.

Effective Budget Management

GetLinks announces a Hiring Credits system with transparent flat fees, meaning that companies will only pay for successful hires.

One Hiring Credit gives companies 12 months of free job postings and unlimited interviews. Hiring Managers can now interview as many potential candidates as they want at no additional cost until the right one is hired.

Companies can, therefore, improve their hiring budget management dramatically. They can invest in the exact amount of credits based on the number of employees needed.

Transparency is key

Combining the marketplace concept and SaaS approach, GetLinks are confident to provide the much-needed hiring predictability to companies.

They state to end the era of hidden placement fees and make tech recruitment a transparent process. Each Hiring Credit simply means one successfully hired candidate.

To ensure that every organization has a chance to try out its new features, GetLinks offers a free trial to every new member.

Getlinks is a platform and ecosystem connecting tech talents to opportunities across Asia.Ā  They are on a mission to make hiring more human, with the help of cutting-edge tech.

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