Accelerate Your Talent Acquisition

With more than a decade in agency recruitment, I would think I have seen it all, especially when it comes to ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Besides having experience from Bullhorn to DM Recruit to JobAdder, I probably have seen at least 40 other ATS demos.

To the extent, I would usually tell people that an ATS is an ATS is an ATS.

Or like what the Thais would say: “same same but different.”

Perhaps that came about because innovation somewhat stopped, especially at the enterprise level.

To illustrate what I mean, let’s look at the job listing page Taleo provides to their customers.

Nothing fanciful and perfectly functional.

Now let’s try to view the same page on my iPhone.

For a company founded in 1996, they have yet to figure out mobile.

[callout]Did you know that there is a hack on Taleo career page that will reveal your recruiters’ contacts? PM me for details.[/callout]

According to the study by CareerBuilder (and this is back in 2016), 60 per cent of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity.

Consider another study by Indeed which shows that 78% of candidates would apply to jobs from mobile.

Not prioritising the mobile experience is a huge mistake and is equivalent to not fixing an extremely leaky tap.

Contrast this to how modern ATS would present their customers’ job listing page.

Job listing page powered by Alt Recruit

And how it would look on mobile.

Mobile job listing page powered by Alt Recruit


Not just for applicants

With competition resting on their laurels, it is hard not to outdo them merely by turning up.

And with PeopleStrong Alt Recruit, we go beyond that by simplifying the entire talent acquisition process by applying design-thinking principles and users-centricity focus.

You can easily tell that from the charts and graphs provided since that is an easier read than the typical spreadsheet way of reporting.

You can add more charts and graphs to your liking

From easy job distribution, assignment to the various recruitment agencies you engage…

Recruitment agencies have their own portal to make CV submissions

to auto-matching of applicants across different databases…

Auto matching compares job postings against candidates in different databases across multiple data points, and suggest the most suitable candidates

Job adverts distribution is also made easy-peasy with eQuest integration. It allows all our customers to push their Alt Recruit job postings straight to any job boards with a click of a button.

Every action can be initiated and reacted to within Alt Recruit.

No more multiple Chrome tabs to toggle between ATS and video-interview/assessments/calendar invites/etc.

Deep integration via API made all that possible.

Structured workflows to bring you from A-to-Z

The most powerful feature would be something rather invisible. Powerful workflows that work in the background ensures full conformability and compliance with preset processes.

This ensures consistency and successful repeatability of success.


Keen to learn more about Alt Recruit? Check out the short video or drop me a message.

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