38: Gurunath Hari | Emineo Pursuits

Gurunath Hari is the Head of practice and Data Scientist at Emineo Pursuits, focusing on defining wellbeing.  In his 30-year career, Hari has several publications and educational videos on workplace productivity. 

Emineo Pursuits started in Singapore in 2014 as a social enterprise, helping leaders nurture employees to build themselves to love the work they do and enjoy stretching themselves to grow thus helping them open limitless opportunity and money within weeks.

A global Human Resource Wellness leader, Hari pioneered innovative approach and service portfolio that includes PEAKISMā„¢, the 21st century approach to peak performance, scientifically validated Holistic Wellness Assessment tools.

He is also the author of research-based Amazon bestselling book ā€œThe 6 Dimensions Overcome presenteeism: Excel in work and lifeā€.


Please enjoy!

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