17 Incredible Employee Perks of Successful Companies

Businesses no matter how large or small they are are taking employee perks into consideration when looking for ways to improve the employee experience.

According to a 2015 Glassdoor report, employees are prioritizing them over money, saying they would rather receive stronger benefits than a pay raise. This is a significant and new way of thinking about our jobs that can no longer be ignored.

Companies can also promote their own opinions regarding certain social issues by offering certain kinds of employee perks. Goldman Sachs, for example, offers its employees coverage for gender reassignment surgery.

This tells employees and the rest of the world their stance on certain LGBTQ issues without letting people believe it’s being shoved down their throats.

If you鈥檙e an employee and you鈥檙e wondering what other businesses are offering their employees, these 17 incredible employee perks of successful companies should give you an idea of what your current job should be offering, or what you should look for if you鈥檙e searching for a new job.

The thing about all these companies is that they鈥檙e trendsetters. Smaller businesses look to these successful businesses and try to emulate them.

Everyone is aware of this, so what these larger, more successful businesses are really saying by adding all these employee perks is that the employee experience matters.

They feel that the key to success lies in the happiness of their employees. Working is not about making as much money as possible for the sake of making money.

People want to enjoy their lives. We already spend so much time in the office. It鈥檚 about time we start looking at ways to make that time more enjoyable and making it possible to enjoy life outside the office too.

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