12 must-have office accessories for working from home

Working from home used to be reserved for just a few people.

Perhaps they were working for a company that had its main office in another location.

Or perhaps they had a flexible schedule that enabled them to take advantage of different hours and therefore working from home made more sense.

But of course, that all changed in 2020 when millions and millions of people if they were able, shifted to working from home.

All those computers and office accessories also then had to find a place at home, either on dining room tables or at-home desks.

And the things we turned to for comfort at the office, to help make the day more pleasant and the work more productive, were no longer available to us.

So how, then, can we replicate that experience at home, for as long as we have to be there?

These dozen work from home office accessories provide some good ways to start.

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