119: Gavin Barfield on the Salesforce AI Digital Skills Survey

In this episode of “The Adrian Tan Show,” I had the pleasure of speaking with Gavin Barfield about the Salesforce AI digital skills survey and the potential of generative AI in various industries.

As Vice President and CTO, Solutions, for Salesforce ASEAN, Gavin Barfield leads a team of Salesforce engineers across the region to develop and drive integrated technology solutions for Salesforce customers.

He also works closely with customers in ASEAN on their digital transformations, bringing together the full value of the Salesforce platform to drive positive business outcomes. 

We discussed the skills gap in AI adoption and the importance of providing training and support for employees to embrace and learn from AI. 

Gavin shared examples of how generative AI can be used in customer service and inventory management. He emphasised the need for understanding the limitations of AI and having a human in the loop for the ethical use of the technology.

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