92: Skilio Felix Tan on skills-based hiring

Felix Tan is the co-founder & CEO of Skilio, an edtech startup that helps youth build up future-ready skill sets that are attractive to employers. As a student entrepreneur, Felix started Skilio in his freshman year in university and has since helped the startup grow 11x in average recurring revenue and 14x increase in user base. He is passionate about the space of youth development and education.

As a lead trainer at Reactor School, a leading provider of entrepreneurship education to youth from 13 to 24, Felix has clocked over 300 training hours, equipping youths in Southeast Asia with entrepreneurship skills. In his spare capacity, Felix also volunteers to mentor youth in areas of entrepreneurship and soft skills development.

What we discussed:

  • Why companies have always been using academic qualifications as a prequalifying criteria
  • Benefits of skills-based hiring
  • Is skills-based hiring only suitable for Gen Z?
  • Can skills-based hiring be applied to jobs that are soft skills heavy?
  • And many more…

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