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This blog drives awareness and educates the market (business owners, HR decision makers) about HR Tech and how it powers business performance in this ever-changing HR landscape.


Blog Highlights

HR Tech Market Maps

Interviews with CEO of HR Tech


Statistics (as of 10th Jan 2020)

2019 page views (from Google Analytics): 163,985
Average page views (in the last three months): 17,289
2019 unique visitors: 45,888

Website traffic source – 2019


  • Mailing-list: 1,760
  • Twitter followers: 937
  • LinkedIn: 21,710
  • Future of Work Tech Facebook group: 565
  • WhatsApp: 102

Moz domain authority: 32


Engagement Opportunities

Side banner ads: $550 per month

Page takeover: $2,000 per month

Sponsored blog post: $550 (inclusive of social media outreach and EDMs)


[callout]Bundle package: 1-month banner + sponsored blog post = $900 (usual price $550 + $550)[/callout]

Social media outreach only: $200 per post (over Twitter and LinkedIn). $100 of the cost will go to post boosts.

EDMs: $250 per email

Banner ad in EDM: $100 per campaign

Speaking engagements

I speak at conferences each year on HR Tech.

I have spoken in front of groups as big as 200, and as small as 20 over the past 10 years.

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