78: Jonathan Passmore on coaching psychology trends, values and benefits

Professor Jonathan Passmore is the Senior Vice President of Coaching with CoachHub, the leading global talent development platform that enables organisations to create a personalised, measurable, and scalable coaching program for the entire workforce

Professor Passmore is one of the top ten professional coaches in the world. He also serves as Professor of Coaching and Behavioural Change at the University of Reading’s Henley Business School.

In addition to leading Henley’s Centre for Coaching, Jonathan is also a chartered psychologist and author who has published hundreds of scientific papers on coaching.

What we discussed:

  • How a typical coaching session looks like
  • The ability to embrace coaching is a strength, not a weakness
  • Why coaches are your best key accountability partner
  • Should you stick to the same coach for life?
  • Will your next coach be an AI?
  • And many more…

Show Notes

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