Cebu – Swim with the (whale)sharks

So we drag our asses to the meeting point at 4am. We have to go early as the trip from our resort to Oslob would take about 2 hours.


We started off with a short briefing and away we go!

The whaleshark is as long as car and probably 2/3 of the width. Although it doesn’t eat humans, you can’t help but feel fear down your spine when it swim with it’s big mouth towards you.


Here the motion version of it

Amazing isn’t it. But we felt quite bad after the whole thing as we learned in the evening that there used to be a lot more whalesharks around Cebu. The tourism aspect of things means the whaleshark are constantly fed to attract them so that tourist could have a closer look. That sort of train the whaleshark to associate boats with food. And after feeding time, they will continue to look for other boats. Some of these boats has propellers. Ouch.

Moving to happier stuffs, we invited the German lady we knew from yesterday to join us in whalesharking. She has been travelling for 3 months and has gone through many parts of southeast asia.

I’m so envious of these Europeans. They can just take off for months, powered by the strong euros versus the local currencies. Their story to their grand children is how they ate leeches and met new friends. Ours is the number of bags of clothes we bought from Bangkok flea market.


Well as a consolation I bought a bottle of raw honey with bees in it no less. That sure look fear factor-ish.


Although it was only afternoon by the time we reach our resort, we were too dead tired to do anything else but slacking around.

But no matter how tired one gets, one still need to eat!

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The entire trip had been excellent. If I have to nit-pick, it would be that the trip was too short. And my travel mate snores too loudly. Otherwise Cebu has been one of the best trip of my life.

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