5 Great Apps To Keep Your Kids Learning At Home (Field-Tested By Mine)

During the Covid19 lockdown, it was challenging to get any form of outdoor time for the kids.

The pools were closed and the malls were shut.

Going to the supermarket and out for a run were the only things possible. But one can only spend so much time on them, let alone for restless kids.

At least they were partially pre-occupied with school work during Home-Based Learning. But when the school holidays arrived, you are looking at wild birds trying to break free from the newly minted cage.

So I put my resourcefulness to use.

But instead of finding the next best thing in productivity tech, I looked for apps they could use on their iPads to keep them learning.

Here are the five that they like, and something your kids might too.

1. Epic

Epic is the leading digital reading platform—built on a collection of 40,000+ popular, high-quality books from 250+ of the world’s best publishers—that safely fuels curiosity and reading confidence for kids 12 and under.

Because of the way they set it up, I only need one subscription to create 4 different accounts for my kids.

Based on their age, the books recommendations would be tailored accordingly.

For early readers, they also have books that read to you while highlighting each word as the narrator runs through them.

It also comes with educational videos which I disabled as my purpose is for them to spend more time reading.

2. DIY

DIY.org is a huge library of hands-on projects and how-to videos focused on all the things kids love!

From courses on photography to drawing to animation and Minecraft, there are lessons for any types of interests.

This came about during the earlier days of Covid lockdown as art classes were suspended.

Wanting to keep them engage and inspired to do new things, I subscribe to DIY.org as an alternative.

With hundreds of videos teaching you different things, you get to then do it on your own and post your work on the platform which others can like, comment and draw inspiration from.

3. Caribu

Similar to Epic but with a twist. Caribu lets you read, draw, and play games in an interactive video-call.

I had this app years ago when I had to travel and could not read to my son his bedtime stories.

Caribu is like Facetime for book reading. Once connected, we will be in sync on what is shown on the screen and I can then read the book to my kids who may be half way across the world from me.

Now you can continue to read to your kids even with jet lag.

4. Koobits

Koobits is not exactly an app. You access it through any browser and it is purpose-built for the Singapore primary school students to help improve their Maths.

By providing bite-sized challenges of 20 minutes a day, users get tested on their current curriculum and will be taught where they had gone wrong.

The maths today is so different from my time. I clearly don’t remember studying algebra until secondary two (I think) and my P6 is taking them now.

Even though I’m pretty good in Maths, there are certain things I need time to revisit to get the workings right otherwise one will not get full marks.

Koobits is better than assessment books as it explains why you got the answer wrong and that really helps with learning.

5. Droplets

Droplets is a language learning app specifically for kids between 8 – 17.

I set it up for them to practice their Chinese and they get to work on their pronunciation, strokes and recall over 15 minutes a day.

My kids don’t get much exposure to Chinese with exception to speaking with me, their grandma and Chinese classes in school.

So I supplement them with this app to let them sharpen their knife with just a few minutes a day.

The app guides you on strokes, the meaning of the word and the right pronunciations.

Any other apps you found useful for your kids? Leave them in the comments below.

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