#25 – Mat Ward, Workmate

Mathew Ward is the founding CEO of Workmate, an end-to-end workforce management platform with a fully integrated worker network, custom-built to enable the blue-collar workforce.

Workmate provides businesses with full visibility on their entire workforce through automating hiring, onboarding, scheduling, attendance, and performance reporting processes in one seamless system, while leveraging a qualified network of 50,000+ pre-vetted workers ready to fill gaps.

Using historical worker performance data, Workmate equips businesses with the right tools to not only track but also optimize worker behaviour and has helped over 200 enterprise customers in the logistics, warehousing, F&B and events sectors increase worker retention and productivity.

Workmate was founded in 2016, and has offices in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, and has raised over US$10m in funding to date.

Prior to Workmate, he was the CEO and founding team member of Admax Network (acquired by Komli Media), Managing Director APAC for Lotame where he setup and launched their Asian business, and served on the advisory board of Ardent Capital.


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