#24 – Sergei Makhmodov, Daxtra

Sergei Makhmodov is the co-founding director of DaXtra Technologies, a world-leading specialists in Intelligent Process Automation (IA) solutions for the staffing and recruitment industry.

He oversees the company’s growth and strategic business development across multiple territories by bringing his experience from several years working in the Recruitment sector in London, UK, and combining his industry knowledge with the NLP and AI expertise of fellow founders Steve Finch and Andrei Mikheev in early 2002.

DaXtra offers a competitive advantage through their proprietary technology for high-accuracy multilingual CV and job parsing, semantic search and A.I. matching – helping organisations find the best available talent while keeping the cost-per-hire to a minimum.

Their solutions seamlessly integrate with customers’ current ATS platforms and business processes and facilitate on-demand retrieval of highly relevant information quickly, intuitively and across multiple internal and external databases.

With offices spanning the US, UK, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Australia, DaXtra partners with over 2,500 customers globally and is capable of “understanding” over 40 languages in which resumes and jobs are written.

DaXtra’s clients include many of the world’s top staffing companies, best boutique recruitment firms, job boards and Talent Acquisition departments of multinational corporations.

New product promotion “DaXtra Search Nexus”:

Their NEW game-changing search and match platform will unlock more value in your database. Achieve a higher ROI from your entire tech stack through precise targeting of candidates, enhanced job matching and intelligent ranking.

With DaXtra Search Nexus, you can:

  • Search everywhere from one platform
  • Focus your search with pinpoint accuracy
  • Find the most relevant candidates fast, ranked by skills and experience

Find out more: https://hubs.ly/H0xxKkp0

To learn more about Daxtra:


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