#23 – Jaime Ng, MatchCasts

Jaime Ng is the founder and CEO of MatchCasts, an Ad-Tech platform that automates podcast advertising for brands take the pain out of finding the right podcasts to create a campaign that resonates with their audience.

Prior to building MatchCasts, Jaime was Chief Marketing Officer with RedMart and NTUC Link and spent over 18 years working in the US, UK and Southeast Asia building MarTech and AdTech platforms for companies such as MediaCorp, TripAdvisor (US), MySpace (US) and element14 (FTSE 250).

Before COVID, she could be seen living in multiple cities in Southeast Asia several months at a time. 

Aside from building MatchCasts, Jaime is also an angel investor in various startups and consults on marketing and advertising technology globally.

Join MatchCasts for free. MatchCasts is a FREE platform in Asia to help podcasters monetize their shows and get matched with advertisers.

Jobs on MatchCasts – https://angel.co/company/matchcasts/jobs

Lastly, podcast shows mentioned are:

Please enjoy!

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