#20 – James Chia, ArcLab

James Chia is Co-founder & CEO of ArcLab, a Mobile Learning SaaS platform empowering
organisations to upskill deskless workforces.

Their vision is to upskill the world’s deskless workforce.

ArcLab empowers organisations to easily create, distribute and track training,
sent directly to staff phones without the need for an app.

ArcLab is backed by Spaze Ventures & Bisk Ventures and is part of Holon IQ’s SE Asia Ed Tech 50.

ArcLab is James’ 2nd startup. He started his career at the Monetary Authority of Singapore, serving in London and Singapore as Portfolio Manager & Deputy Director.

He is an Associate Lecturer at SIM Global Education, and volunteers as a community mentor to lower-income kids. James enjoys being present with family, reading, writing, running, macro-investing and technology.

He’s is also a long- suffering Tottenham Hotspur fan.

Listeners of my podcast get 10% off ArcLab’s Learning Design package under ArcLab Enterprise. Simply DM them at [email protected] quoting “Adrian Tan”

Connect with them on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/arclabsg & Try ArcLab Basic for yourself for free, with no obligation: https://builder.arclab.io

Please enjoy!

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