#16 – Yasmine Khater, Sales Story Method

Yasmine Khater helps leaders use stories to stand out, attract more customers. All while inspiring their team and growing their business (and careers).

For the past decade, Yasmine has been helping senior leaders in over 75 Fortune 500 and governments. And taught thousands of entrepreneurs and social leaders how to use stories to sell.

Armed with a degree in psychology and communications. She is an aspiring “armchair” neuroscientist. Who loves to study how to improve sales by applying science to the brain.

Yasmine comes from a mixed heritage and has lived in seven countries. And travelled to a quarter of the world.  Sharing powerful stories has helped her sell, crowdfund and speak to thousands.

Yasmine has worked with brands like DBS, Salesforce Essilor, Linkedin, Credit Suisse, ClubMed, Danone,  GoJek and more.

Yasmine is the lead researcher at the Sales Story Method. 

If you are looking to unleash your courage and share your story, get on our program waitlist Unforgettable Storyteller.

 If you are struggling with selling online and looking to get your next (or first) three clients online, check out Remote Sales Kit.

Please enjoy!

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