Xink Review – Cloud Email Signature Management

Imagine if you could send marketing emails to every one of your contacts on a daily basis.

Scratch that. How about on an hourly basis? Pushing your business brand to them electronically relentlessly.

Not just you but everyone within your business would be doing the same thing.

They will be doing with the same consistency as your very first email.

The best part is you will be assured that no one will be marking your emails as spam.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

And yes, it is possible with the help of Xink Email Management Solution.

How Can Xink Help?

I got to know about Xink after extensive research online. That was back in 2010 I think. We just migrated to Exchange Online.

I had the impression that I could finally manage our email signatures centrally.

Unfortunately, that option remains exclusive to users on Exchange Server and not Exchange Online.

What this mean is email signature has to be set on the client (i.e. individual computer).

If you decide to change something (say your company phone number and it happens to be on your email signature), you have to go into every single client to update the information.

You could, of course, delegate it to your users, but I can bet there will be a huge number of them who would just screw up either the hyperlinks and/or fonts.

If we can’t even get a little thing like our email signature right, how could our customers trust us with our services?

The Importance of Consistency

Before the email was invented, companies used letters and business cards that conformed to marketing’s style book.

Today, Marketing has lost control as employees take the liberty to design their own email signatures.

Xink gives marketers a simple, fast and effective approach to managing email signatures across the entire company.

You could even scale up to tens of thousands of users.

Some Data About Email

According to Radicati (a technology market research firm), the number of email accounts is expected to grow from 4.1 billion accounts in 2014 to over 5.2 billion accounts by the end of 2018.

The total number of email users around the world (for both business and consumers) is also increasing from over 2.5 billion to over 2.8 billion in 2018.

In fact, by 2018 business email will account for over 139.4 billion emails sent and received a day.

On an average, you are looking at a typical business users to be sending over 140 emails a day by 2018.

That’s a lot of emails.

Employee emails are the most nascent communication opportunity in any organization.

Centrally Set And Control

With Xink, Marketers are able to centrally set and control the content of employee email signature templates.

This can be done on any devices.

You could ensure that your company social networks are highlighted to promote community building.

With careful branding and correct layout made possible by the control console, you could promote your brand over employee info.

Xink integrates across Outlook, Outlook Web, Office 365 and Gmail for work.

Making email signature management a breeze.

So What About The Marketing Campaign You Mentioned?

Currently, demand generation costs a lot of money.

Conversion rates are low, spam filtering is high and relevant audiences are getting harder to reach.

Xink offers a completely new marketing channel with a lot of potential for marketers

They do this by leveraging on employee emails which are peer-to-peer.

This means a very small percent get caught in spam filters.

Email Signature Campaign Comparison

So a centrally managed campaigns embedded in emails employees send out on a daily basis could reach thousands in a single day.

You could use it to drive leads, distribute your best content, share the latest news, or promote an upcoming event.

This represents a new marketing channel for quality traffic and lead generation.

How It Works

Central Management

Xink Console

You can create a signature template for various brands and business units. These could be properly formatted with spam-filter-friendly HTML coding.


Xink Contacts

Create rules to assign templates to employee groups.


Xink Templates

On the client side, they would be required to do a one-time installation of an applet.

It will pull templates updates on an ongoing basis and deletes non-approved templates created by employees.


Xink Campaigns

You can create campaigns to promote the content, sales events, product announcements, etc.

Schedule Basis

Schedule Basis

Links can be changed dynamically on a scheduled basis to point to sub-pages.

No lost traffic due to improperly formatted addresses or destination URLs.

Analyze Performance

Analzye Performance

Xink provides click-through tracking to deliver detailed reporting on how well your campaigns are performing.

It is compatible with analytics packages, such as Google Analytics or Omniture.

Give Xink A Free Try

Just for my readers, you can to try Xink entirely free this month for up to 10 users.

Simply hit the button below to begin.

[button href=”″ primary=”true” centered=”true” newwindow=”true”]Get Started[/button]



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