Work It – S2E6: The growing pains of transitioning from school to work

In this episode of Work It by CNACrispina Robert and I had the pleasure of interviewing @john lim John Lim, a 27-year-old who went from a top student to a struggling employee.

John shared his honest and raw story of facing the hardship and culture shock of transitioning from school to work.

He told us how he clashed with his supervisor, failed to meet his deadlines, and lost confidence and motivation.

He also revealed how he reflected on the situation from his mistakes and is now finding a new purpose.

As any former school leaver could resonate, I’m sure we all have experienced the difficulties and surprises of moving from school to work:

⚒️ The expectations of work are much higher and more realistic than in school. There are no easy tasks, generous curves, or extra credits that I can rely on. I have to work hard, smart, and fast. No more slacking, coasting, or cheating.
🗣️The communication of work is much more complex and nuanced than in school. There are no clear instructions, simple questions, or straightforward answers that I can expect. I have to listen actively, speak clearly, and write effectively. No more ignoring, interrupting, or rambling.
💪 The satisfaction of work is much more dependent and variable than in school. There are no constant rewards, praises, or recognitions that I can receive. I have to find my motivation, passion, and happiness. No more waiting, complaining, or quitting.

These are just some examples of the hardship and culture shock I encountered many years back in my transition from school to work. It was not fun, but it was also educational and transformative. I improved a lot, learned a lot, and achieved a lot.

If you are keen to reminisce over your own experience, or you may be looking to transit to the workplace soon, I invite you to listen to our podcast episode and hear John’s story.

You will be inspired by his courage, resilience, and growth.

You will also get some useful tips and advice on how to make your transition smoother and easier.

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast!

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