Work It – S2E5: How can you give constructive feedback about your boss?

Companies use assessment tools like the 360 and 180 systems, which ask for peers and subordinates to assess their supervisors.

These tools are supposed to give managers a reality check on how they are doing and what they need to work on.

But let’s face it, giving feedback about your boss can be a risky business, such as:

  • You might end up on their hit list if they don’t like what you say or if they find out who you are.
  • You might not know how to say it nicely or diplomatically and end up sounding like a jerk or a brown-noser.
  • You might be biased or emotional, especially if your boss is a jerk or a brown-noser.
  • You might cause more trouble than it’s worth if your boss gets defensive or confused by your feedback.

So how do you give constructive criticism to your boss without getting fired or hated?

Norman Chua, Director of Group HR of National Healthcare Group explains.

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