Work It – S2E1: Are you back in the office only to be ‘desk bombed’?

Season 2 of Work It kicks off with a new round of work terms like “desk bombing”, “monk-mode”, and “loud leaving”.

My former manager, who migrated to Perth, told me that #work only starts in the afternoon on Monday.

Because every Monday morning, colleagues will desk-bombed you to talk about weekends.

Multiply that by the number of colleagues; it is lunchtime before real work happens.

Is the same happening for you as we increasingly are returning more and more to the office?

Are there merits in desk-bombing others?

Pooja Chhabria, career expert and head of editorial APAC at LinkedIn, explains more. 

Listen to the episode on Apple, OvercastSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, or your favourite podcast platform.

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