Whitepaper: Maximising HR ROI and Digital Transformation in the New Normal

A collaboration with Unit4

In today’s climate, HR is the backbone of all organisations.

However, businesses still struggle simplifying complex data and other HR tasks, resulting in companies losing focus on newer issues such as working from home, workforce morale and more.

Old systems and processes need revitalisation to ensure organisations stay up to date with modern changes such as integration across new platforms like zoom, teams and digital workspaces. To overcome the current challenges, many organisations have invested in new technology, with a recent global survey revealing that internal-based operations’ have been enhanced by three-plus years.

But it’s not as simple as making a technological shift. There are a lot of factors to consider when transferring to a new HRMS system, such as limited communication and understanding of the concept of technology, ensuring organisational readiness through change management and having a usable plan for all employees.

This paper discusses overcoming the current challenges through change management preparation and employee benefits. And how your organisation will receive a return on investment if an effective transition occurs, with a case study from Oligo switching to Unit4 Prosoft HRMS system used to highlight future benefits and pressure alleviation for their organisation.

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