What You Missed At PeopleStrong Altify 2019

A week ago, I was back in India.

Besides going into PeopleStrong HQ for meetings and induction (and amazing Indian food), the primary purpose is to attend their yearly major event – Altify.

This is where major product updates and launches would be announced.

It is also my first time attending a launch event of any kind and it is an amazing experience.

The Venue

Hosted at the 5-star ITC Maratha hotel, no efforts were spared in making that evening the most memorable night for not just our guests but our people too.

Our guests are welcome through a dedicated walkway that leads them to the display area where they get to see our latest suite of products.

TV display of Alt Learning, Alt Worklife and Alt Messenger

But the key moment is to learn about the latest announcements and that got started soon after.

minutes before the start of the event

But before that, a recap of 2018.

And over that year, much has been accomplished:

  • 300+ new ideas were delivered across all products. Some of the highlights include major UX revamps for Worklife and Learning, AI enabled contextual conversations for Recruit and Jinie API as a service. (What is Jinie?)
  • 50+ integrations across all domains such as Monster.com, Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

  • 700,000 users over 10 million transactions via 500,000 devices.
  • One customer added every week across 14+ industries.

  • And my favourite part – 20+ partners across domains. These are not flimsy reseller partnerships, but deep integrations that allow Alt Worklife to act as a single login for users to access any partners solutions.

“We have always believed that any technology which adds complexities to the user’s life is not worth it. The new world of work needs products which are open to connect and integrate with other apps and can provide a unified view to the users, be it in the form of data or experience,” said co-founder and CEO Pankaj Bansal.

Enough about 2018. What’s coming next?

Under the premise of “open and connected”, four new products were launched over at Altify 2019.

1. Alt Builder – business users can create their apps on the go without developers

More than 25% of the work people do in Organizations are still manual in spite of using ERPs and now cloud-based apps.

There are many reasons to that and one of them is created a third-party app is complicated and costly.

With Alt Builder, you no longer have to figure out how to fix MS Excel over all the problems that you have.

With a drag-and-drop interface, you simply assign rules and workflows to your newly created app after piecing them together.

Without any developers’ involvement, you can easily create apps for new use cases and easily interface with existing data/fields that are residing on Alt Worklife.

2. Alt Analytics – provide a comprehensive view of business data from multiple sources and actionable insights

Alt Analytics cockpit

Every time I come across HR Analytics, I always recall an anecdote shared by a senior HR leader.

In her previous board meetings, she has the Sales Director coming in with sales projection reports. The Finance Director would arrive with P&L, etc and IT might come with uptime report.

HR would arrive with an attendance sheet.

That says a lot about how deprived HR is of useful data and, with that, often viewed as important as an admin jockey.

Alt Analytics aims to change all that and provide HR departments with useful data to make time-sensitive decisions.

To make that possible, it enables the convergence of data across all Alt products and modules and capability to import non-alt data like business/sales/ops as well

With predictive models built using Machine Learning algorithms, one can get the benefit of hindsight, insight and foresight surrounding their HR.

Create Custom storyboards powered by Machine Learning Algorithms

3. Alt Messenger 2.0 – Connecting workspaces securely

An organisation can only truly optimise their performance if they can achieve 1+1=3. That means work generated by meaningful collaboration should outweigh the sum of individual output.

That drove the creation of Alt Messenger, an enterprise-grade secure platform but intuitive to use like a Whatsapp or Telegram.

You may be asking why reinvent the wheel?

The thing is any work-related communications might be highly confidential. Imagine if a group member is no longer with the company yet he or she remains in the group.

Even if that individual is removed from the group, access to prior information is still available.

With a secure and enterprise level app like Alt Messenger, that won’t happen as information and access are immediately cut off once the outgoing user is removed from the system.

The app is also inclusive in a way as it welcomes your supplier, customer, gig workforce, etc to be part of the platform as it isn’t corporate email address dependent.

And from the get-go, you can launch poll in seconds, set goals for your team members and even set up a wall of fame to provide limelight to achievers.

4. PeopleStrong Developer Community – Plug and play into our products

With an open and connected philosophy, the walk-the-talk moment is truly epitomised in our new developer community.

With this, one can access 50+APIs across Alt Product Suite over two main categories: Transactional APIs and Data APIs.

Developers can even create custom API with the fields and labels you want to give via our API Builder.

To 2019 and beyond! (imitating voice of Buzz Lightyears)

I am a sucker for new stuff and used to stay up late to watch Apple launch event live, even though it was at ungodly hours in Singapore.

Besides the excitement of new stuff, it is great to know that a business is forward-looking and has a clear roadmap.

2019 is going to be amazing as HR in corporations finally have the flexibilities and options that WordPress has been giving to the users – whether you are a hardcore coder or just a first-time blogger.

I will continue to share more as I pick new things up along my journey.

Til then…

[callout]PeopleStrong is exhibiting at TechHR2019 at booth G2. We will be showcasing our new and existing products. Plus you can take pictures with me 😉


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