What I Learned From Ex-GIC Head On Retirement and Relationships When Kids Are No Longer The Glue

I’ve consumed enough content to separate the genuine advice from those pushing personal agendas disguised as “experiments.”

You’ve likely seen the notorious “How I Got Rich” memes – authors listing impossibly regimented daily routines of waking at 5 AM, cold plunges, saunas, hour-long meditations, and devouring 5 books before breakfast.

Then you notice the casual aside: “Of course, I inherited a million dollars from my parents.”

That’s why Ashok Samual’s recent appearance on The Financial Coconut podcast was so refreshingly authentic. I’d typically skip retirement topics, being lightyears from that stage myself.

But I’m glad I stayed tuned as I drove (changing podcasts requires superhuman dexterity when driving, after all).

Ashok’s candour was disarmingly relatable. Most people, when put on the spot, obfuscate or bullshit to preserve an air of authority.

Not Ashok. When he didn’t have a ready answer, he simply said “I don’t know.”

What a profoundly uncomplicated concept in our era of pontificating experts: admitting the limits of one’s knowledge.

Perhaps Ashok’s most intriguing insight was using age, not an arbitrary dollar figure, as his retirement timeline.

So many of us fixate on hitting a magic million (or three) before allowing ourselves to ease off the gas.

Ashok’s approach was delightfully simple – he picked 55 as his target age, then reverse-engineered the required savings and income to make it possible.

And I love the fact that he deliberately spend time away from his wife because he had witnessed many other case studies where couples divorce when work is no longer in the equation to give them time apart.

I’m reminded of an old girlfriend who did not want to meet me as often as I do. She often said: “Absence makes the heart fonder.”

And she is right!

Check out the full episode on Spotify or wherever you get your podcast.’

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