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Keen In A Virtual Workforce? Here’s What You Need To Do First

The key to the success of any business, whether a startup or a large corporation, is the talent of the team powering the ship.

However, in order to find the right people for each job, you need to have a hiring and candidate search philosophy.

This is especially true of the IT sector, since it’s one of the fastest growing industries in Singapore.

Due to an increase in government support and funding for improved telecommunication infrastructure, there’s an increased demand for IT personnel.

Therefore, you need to smarten up your hiring practices to get the best staff possible on board.

Here are a few tips on how to find your ideal employees, and then make it work.


1. Where Are the Jobs

When you’re dealing with an industry that’s over saturated with candidates all competing for a few positions, it’s simple to find the cream of the crop. However, that’s not the case in Singapore right now.

Monster reports that in the last two years, statistics show that service-related industries in Singapore have held the lead with the highest amount of growth, including IT.

In other words, the field is growing very quickly, and businesses are getting more competitive to find the best talent, rather than the talent competing against one another for any job they can find.

Therefore, you need to keep this in mind strategically. If you’re going to hire your dream team, traditional hiring methods aren’t going to cut it.

You not only need to acknowledge the state of the industry, but also expand your search using new tools and approaches.

The bottom line here is that you’re hiring out of a pool of candidates that other companies are trying to lure in as well.


2. How to Go Beyond Local Recruitment

Once you open yourself up to the reality that finding good employees is going to take more than a few job listings and some in-person interviews, you need to think outside the box.

Or, more specifically, you need to think beyond your immediate borders.

Since IT is all about the latest and greatest strides in technology, it’s time to get used to the idea of a virtual workforce.

You can use Skype to communicate but latency might hit you given that it is a free tool after all.

Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions for IT is the type of tool you should be looking at which features a reliable, third party provider that can function as a platform to communicate with your staff.

By extending your candidate search outside of your local geography, you also cast a wider net that will not only reveal more talent, but also even act as an incentive for capable job seekers who would prefer to work remotely. It’s a win-win situation in many ways.


3. A Growing Industry

You’ll need to be prepared this year for the type of salary that IT is now boasting.

The Straits Times reports that 2016 is slated to be a banner year for the IT sector, with predictions of salaries between S$13,000 and S$24,000 a month for senior staff, driven by government support of improved technology infrastructure.

In other words, if the government is showing the money, then your employees are going to want to see some. This is an inevitable reality that goes along with the times, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

You can keep up with the salary rates being established across the country, but save money in other ways. 


4. Ditch the Office Space

A deceptively simple yet effective way to save a lot of money is avoiding the necessity of office space.

Rent is one of the biggest expenses for many businesses, and often unaffordable if you’re a small startup.

Singapore is also notorious for having some very steep rents for business properties, so anything you can do to avoid throwing money away is something you should seriously consider.

Using a virtual meeting room as your primary office may sound outlandish, but in reality, it’s more common than you think.

There are many reasons why conducting all of your business via video conferencing, with both employees and clients alike, is ideal.

Not only is it accessible and affordable, but it’s also reliable when you’re using the right provider.

The cost of using a tried and true video conferencing provider is minimal compared to how much many companies pay for office space every month.



It’s inevitable that business is more global than ever. Even though Singapore is a small country, it’s still densely populated, and there are a lot of job seekers out there across distances who may not want to travel.

Not only that, but it’s likely you’re also serving international clients in addition to domestic ones, so having access to communication technology like video conferencing is essential.

There’s no reason to stop there, though.

Forging ahead to make your workplace completely virtual is not only the way of the future, but also allows you to access premium talent without the cost of physical space.

All in all, these are the types of smart hiring moves that will put you ahead of competitors.

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