100: Andy Ng on the current state of data security

Andy Ng is the Vice-President and Managing Director for Asia South and Pacific region at Veritas Technologies. In this role, he is responsible for leading Veritas’ overall business strategy, sales operations and continuous growth across ASEAN and Pacific region.

An industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, Andy has held senior leadership roles across different domains in the technology space, including client management, business and practice development and project management. Before his present role, Andy was leading the Technical Sales and Services across the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region for Veritas, where he was responsible for charting the overall strategy and partnership between the technical and sales teams, delivering outstanding sales and market share growth, and ensuring technical excellence within the organisation.

Prior to Veritas, Andy was with Symantec Corporation. He was instrumental in championing the transformation of the consulting business, building high-performing APJ Architect and Advisory teams, and growing new routes to market for sales to drive opportunities through consultative selling.

Andy holds a Master of Engineering in Engineering and Management from Cornell University, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Boston University. Andy is fluent not only in English and Mandarin, but numerous Chinese dialects and conversational Japanese as well.

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